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These are the best tales of the long-lost roommates in Liverpool

Wave goodbye to your first year ‘friends for life’

We're past the halfway mark of first semester, and everyone in your house is finally living in harmony. Katie's washed her dishes that have been festering for four weeks, and Andy's finally in the habit of putting the loo seat down.

So, it's obviously the time to start the search for a home for next year. You'll come to blows about who gets the bedroom next to the kitchen and chances are some of you will never see your Greenbank bezzies ever again. Here is a collection of our favourite tales of long lost roommates.

The one that can't even put up with you for the whole of first semester

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You missed a cracking Crimbo dinner that year mate

Imagine this: you move into halls, everybody is sound except one bloke that wants nothing to do with you. You've invited him out for your birthday, asked him to join supper club and even been to The Sphinx to watch the footy with him, but he's having none of it. By Christmas, you've given up entirely on the Boo Radley that lives in D4.5, so you sneak in his cupboard to use a little of his peri-peri sauce. You open his cupboard to find it absolutely empty. Not a potato peeler, colander or peri-peri sauce in sight.

You realize the enigma moved out without the other seven of you noticing; this is later confirmed by the flat across the hall who spotted him with a bundle of duvets and pillows in the lift at 2am and has never been seen since.

The mother duck that actually hated you all

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Cheers for the breakfast bars boo

Okay so your flatmate isn't one for socialising, she's quite happy to chill in her room and get on with work, but looks after everyone else by keeping the cupboard stocked. If your in need a tin of beans, a pot noodle or bag of Quavers don't worry mother duck has done the shopping. That is until one day she storms in the kitchen, shouts abuse at you, announces she hates you all and moves out. Who knew such as thing as passive aggressive pasta existed?

The one who changed her mind at the last minute

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Someone's not invited on the girls holiday to Zante next summer…

Flash forward to second year where you can pick who wanna live with, life is sweet. You're spending £40 less on rent each week, a mere five minute walk away from £1.50 pints at the Brookhouse on Thursdays and, to top it off, are living with your best mates.

Everyone is super good friends and it's a given you'll spend third year together too, until one of your closest friends says she doesn't want to live with you in final year. This is a shock but it's chill because you'll still keep in touch, she's one of the gals! Except this doesn't happen, she pulls a Houdini and you never hear from her again or see cute pics of her french bulldog on Insta ever again.

The recluse you saw that one time in freshers

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The only view room 203 girl had of Crown Place

You caught a glimpse of her once in the first week going into her room. You've lived with her for nine months, yet you've been in the same space as her once. Her cupboards scarcely have anything on their shelves, and the few flatmates that had the privilege of visiting her room report there's not a Pringles tube, Dairy Milk wrapper or Mugshot to be seen. Question: what does this girl eat? Is she secretly a hamster that hoards food in her cheeks and hibernates for half the year which is why she never leaves? Whatever the reason you moved out June 1st with no recollection of who the girl opposite you was.

But don't worry too much! These are worst case scenarios and tbh, you won't even notice that 203 girl or D4.5 lad is missing.