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All the ways that Uni of Liverpool students cheat in exams

Well, the ones that get caught anyway

Let's be honest. We've all cheated once in our lives. For most of us it was writing the seven times tables on your leg in first school, or in our GCSE French writing tests. There are however those that throw caution to the wind and cheat their way through uni, according to the Liverpool Echo, 200+ over the past five years in fact.

Methods ranged from notes written between fingers and hints scrawled inside calculator covers, to the attempting to google it via a smart watches (nobody's impressed inspector gadget).

Luckily for us hard working students, most attempt to cheat result in a mark of zero for the exam and a probable deferral of your graduation. Common additional punishments include dropping your degree grade and expulsion. 11 out of a total 84 students were suspended this academic year because of cheating and eight were expelled.

Over the past five years, 65 students have been caught with phones, 15 were from this year (tag your mates). In 2016/17, 13 students were found with booklets of exam answers, which landed them all a big fat zero and a suspended graduation. More creative attempts included writing notes on clothes labels and rubbers.

Tom, who studies computer science, told the Liverpool Tab: "It's just wrong. I'm glad they got caught. I work really hard, why should they get away with it? I just hate slackers."

Connie, who studies German, was less worried. "I take subjects where it's pretty complicated to cheat. If someone got away with it I don't think I'd be too bothered. They're only cheating themselves"

Leave the notes outside the exam hall!

Check the university's Exam Code of Conduct here to make sure you don't fall foul to any rules in your next test.