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All the essentials for the perfect autumnal wardrobe

Be the best dressed on campus this autumn

It’s that time of year again; the clocks have gone back, Home Alone is on the telly and the urge to play ‘Fairytale of New York’ is slowly increasing. Unfortunately, this also comes hand in hand with those see-through Primark leggings and fake Ugg boots that will start to pop up around campus. An autumn wardrobe should be filled with a mixture of warm and muted colours, textured fabrics and accessories – so many accessories.


Everyone is used to seeing the Sydney Jones library filled with people head to foot in suede and fur as the temperature continues to drop, but this autumn, corduroy has made a comeback in a big way. With pinafores, skirts, hats, jackets and wide leg trousers in every window throughout Liverpool One, cord has not been this popular since the late 60s and 70s. It's a great addition if you're sick of denim and want to add a bit of vintage flare to your wardrobe. But don’t get carried away – clashing cord is just as much as a fashion sin as double denim.

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Ankle Boots

Is it even autumn if you aren’t wearing ankle boots? Whether they have a block or stiletto heel, patent or suede, floral or animal print, you can’t go wrong. You can dress them down with a longline coat and snood so you don’t freeze waiting for the 699 or dress them up for a night in town. You’ll never have to suffer the pain of six inch platform high heels through Concert Square on a Saturday night again– that is until summer comes back around.

Boyfriend Coat

Autumn fashion is all about layers and the boyfriend coat is a must have to make a stylish transition from summer to winter. This fashion staple is guaranteed to never become outdated and will come back season after season. No capsule wardrobe is complete without one. It is a perfect way to add a pop of colour to any outfit, with mustard or rust working best at this time of year. If you are feeling a little more daring, why not try leopard print to incorporate the most prominent runway trend of 2018. Just be careful you aren’t sat in your lecture looking like Kat Slater.

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Turtle Neck Jumper

The king of all knitwear. This item of clothing is so universal it will have you covered no matter what outfit you decided to wear. It can be paired with trousers or a skirt, worn under under a sleeveless dress or with a lace bodysuit over it. It is the perfect casual jumper to stay cosy in your dreaded 9am tutorial that you haven’t done the reading for.

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Autumn wouldn’t be complete without going crazy on the accessories. If you’re one of those rare girls that actually suits a hat, then get yourself a beret or baker boy cap to stay on tend. Don’t worry if hats aren’t your thing, you can always add leather gloves to your outfit for chic, elegant look. Try to avoid black leather so you don’t stray into funeral territory. Last but not least, the enormous scarf. Everyone should have one in some shape or another and definitely in mustard. Who doesn’t want to bury their face in an infinity scarf when you can see your breath forming in the air?

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Autumn is by far the most fashionable season so don’t even think about wearing leggings for a second. There are so many beautiful pieces of clothing, to find online or on the high street, that compliment the constantly changing autumnal environment. So, be bold with prints, experiment with colour and look fabulous this autumn.