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Your experiences at University of Liverpool, as told by Louis Theroux

You gotta get Theroux the stress somehow

It's getting to that time of the year again; exams and deadlines are on the horizon and people in the Sydney Jones are sitting around complaining about how stressed they are. I hear ya. So whilst you're stressing out, here's an article to cheer you up. I present to you: Louis Theroux being an absolute weirdo, illustrating your experiences at the Uni of Liverpool. Enjoy procrastination, bitches.

That stage you get to around the 8th week of uni when nothing can go to waste as you have nothing in your bank account

Leftovers every night? Why not. Carrots and potatoes for brekkie, lunch and dinner? Again, why not.

When you finally give up with putting effort into AU night costumes

It's a new theme every bloody week. I can barely afford to eat, let alone buy a load of crap to go out and humiliate myself in.

When your student loan finally gets paid into your bank account after weeks of complete and utter broke-ness

We've all been there. You're balling when that day comes. Mark Zuckerberg who? There's enough money here to afford town on a Saturday night, with Nabzy's after too.

When you say that you're not going out because you have too much work to do, but you get instantly attacked by your house mates

"I don't give a shit if you have an assignment due tomorrow. You're coming to Concert Square!"

When you're six quad vods down in Faculty and having an absolutely smashing time

Bring on the tunesssssssss mister DJ up there.

When it gets to that point in the night where you and your mates are so smashed that you end up having bullshit conversations about god knows what

"I love you sooooo much. You're my best friends and you're amazing. You could do anything you wanna dooooo."

When someone says living in Kensington is better than Smithdown

Soz Kenny lovers x

And finally, when you move up to floor 2 in Level and the R&B gets the better of you

It's gettin' hot in herre.

Thanks Louis, you've summarised our uni life perfectly xo