These are some of the best posts from the Smithdown Ticket Exchange

From graveyard parties to sexual favours

We've all been there – we've lost the will to live looking for a Lost ticket, or are hoping to find a Found ticket extremely last minute. However, between the genuine practicalities of having somewhere to buy and sell to a wider audience, there is the added bonus of seeing some absolute gems of posts in-between on Smithdown Ticket Exchange.

Here are some of the posts that have probably caught your eye, or if not they really should have.

Is there a soul out there to hear her prayer?

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Finding someone to help her chase the shadows away

Only 90s kids will remember this

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Lest we forget x

A lad who definitely gets straight to the point

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We don't know whether to be intrigued or scared

This post definitely conveys a different kind of lost

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Just think of the parents

The biggest Halloween tragedy since Camp and Furnace oversold last year

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Bringing a dead meme back to life

A thread we actually need in our lives

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Brb, off to ruin our diets

Alongside the greatest love story to befall our city

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He is a strapping bloke tbf

This isn't even the worst thing we've seen in Smithdown

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Still a better fridge than our landlords gave us

And finally, not all heroes wear capes

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If more of you wanna offer free tickets, I'm not complaining