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Liverpool Uni warn students to ‘be vigilant’ after several students robbed at knifepoint on campus

Numerous students have reported their iPhones being stolen

The University of Liverpool have told students to "be vigilant" after incidents of students being robbed at knifepoint, on campus and in the surrounding areas, for their iPhones and other possessions.

Students feel unsafe commuting to and from uni

An email has been sent out urging students to "be vigilant when walking around, especially at night time" and also to say campus security are now aware of the issue.

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The email also says that if any similar issues are witnessed, "please call 999 immediately".

Rhys, a first year Marketing student, told The Liverpool Tab:

"It's a bit disconcerting that you can't be safe when you're just attending lectures. Obviously you're not always commuting with other people, so that makes it more worrying as there's an increase in vulnerability there. I really hope this problem is sorted."