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Here are some of Liverpool students’ most embarrassing Tinder date stories to cheer you up

Some of these are wild

Whether this app has lead you to an exciting sex life, STIs, heartbreak, a permanent fear of dating, or to your actual soulmate, we're pretty sure you've heard some strange stories from your promiscuous pals' experiences. If your friends are boring and don't have any Tinder tales, simply read the ones below to fulfil your ambitions of hearing about them.

Police found knives scattered around his apartment

Julia, 21, woke up in this guy's apartment (who she'd been seeing for a about a month prior to this) to find everything in the room opposite his bedroom had been covered in clingfilm. She barricaded herself in the psycho's bedroom, called the police, and was then told by the police that they'd found knives all over the apartment. Not exactly embarrassing, but still something to bring up on future dates so your date knows you're onto them.

"Do girls actually finger themselves?"

"It was a proper nice date and I really fancied this guy. We went to a quiet pub after being at a few bars so we were both pretty tipsy at this point, and we were taking it in turns asking each other questions to get to know each other. This bloke leans back, takes a deep breath, and quickly asks if girls finger themselves," says Rebecca, 19, "I laughed nervously and was in shock, this guy didn't really know much about girls so thought it would be funny to just say no and let him live his life thinking that."

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"No WAY do girls actually not? Haha rah that's mad"

Old catfish wouldn't let me leave the date

Eva, 19, was using Tinder to get over her ex when she matched with an absolute catfish. "He was just so old and boring and wouldn't let me leave. He kept buying me drinks and asked for a second date but it was a hard no. I actually matched with him recently and he messaged me as if I'd forgotten him – pretty hard to forget the most awkward date I've been on."

The one who "missed the last train" yet packed everything to stay the night

Pretty sure this has happened to almost everyone, but Lisa, 19, thought she'd simply be going for a nice evening of drinks with her date. "Don't let me miss the last train!" The date always said, to which Lisa agreed with and frequently warned her as the time was nearing towards the last train from Lime Street. Somehow, her date managed to miss the last train and of course ended up going back to Lisa's for the night. Funnily enough the date's bag was packed ready for a sleepover: toothbrush, spare change of clothes for the next day, and even lube. Preparation is always admired, but not really in this circumstance.

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Unless they're coming straight from work, you have every right to question why they've got a backpack

"I thought he was trying to hold my hand but he just wanted to check out my acrylics"

Lucy, 19, told us "So this previous date I went on the guy wouldn't stop holding my hand so I thought that was the norm. On this date he suddenly reached for my hand so I assumed he wanted to hold hands so we did for 15 awkward sweaty seconds until he admitted he just wanted to look at my nails. Still cringe to this day."

The football addict

"This was before he asked if girls finger themselves. He knew I was a major football fan, but I felt like it wasn't awkward between us and we should've been chatting instead of streaming a World Cup game in the back of a taxi. The guy ended up blocking me on Instagram in the end so guess I was pretty mugged off."

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Sorry, what sport do you follow? Don't think you've mentioned

The one who's lodger called his mum to complain about the loud sex

Ciara, 19, and her date were busy shagging in her date's apparently "empty" house when suddenly someone knocked heavily on the door. Their lodger then proceeded to call the date's mum to complain about their loud sex.

They're still seeing each other a year down the line and his parents now refer to Ciara as the "Loud Girl". Pretty horrific.

Turns out he was renowned for fingering girls in clubs

Imagine seeing a lad who you proper fancy for two months only for your mates to individually come forward and admit they've been fingered by that exact guy in Heebies on different nights. The toilets, smoking area, different floors, you name it. Aren't men just so romantic?

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Just doesn't seem as appealing after reading the story above

The lad with seven personalities

Amy, 21, says "So I slept with this Scouse guy just before he went to New Zealand for a week and he called me during his trip but a guy with a strong southern accent starting talking. I told him he's probably got the wrong number but the guy said my name, recalled our night together, and admitted to having seven personalities with different accents – all of which 'approve' of me."

"He kept begging me to sit on his lap throughout the date"

Maggie, 21, went on her first Tinder date to Nando's (unfortunately had a salad) and to the cinema when she was 18, where the bloke kept pleading for her to sit on his lap throughout the film: "Obviously that was a bit weird so I just kept saying no and simply stayed in my seat. He kept trying to haul me onto him, and then after the date kept texting me saying we'll stay together forever and get married and then have kids. First and last Tinder date, thank fuck."

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Maybe 21 just isn't the right time to settle down and have kids despite him having an American Express card

Regardless of whether these stories have inspired you or scared you from getting Tinder, you're welcome.