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Where in Liverpool to get your Halloween makeup steals

We’ve found some scarily good bargains

The only thing scarier than how fast the semester is disappearing is the mobile banking app you've refused to open since Week Three. However, whether you're going as a sexy skeleton or a mouse (duhhh), it's time to put your best foot forward and make sure your makeup is on point this Halloween.

Smithdown Asda

We all rate Asda. Not only can you get an amazing meal deal ready for that lunchtime library sesh, but you can also buy all the affordable Halloween makeup you need to make a scene in Concert Square. This includes face paints for just one pound which we consider a right bargain! Whether you want to channel your inner cat women or freaky clown, Asda has the perfect face paints that you will need to achieve the look.


Superdrug are absolutely killing it in Liverpool at the moment. They stock up-and-coming brand Revolution that currently have a limited edition Halloween kit (a skull highlighter? Yes please!), and even better – their products are all on a three for two offer.

A good quality, high pigmented investment, you can guarantee this will be a hit for that skull candy look you may be going for this Halloween.

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TK Maxx

TK Maxx can be a bit of an odd one – majority of the time the makeup is used, opened and pretty much grim. However, if you're prepared to have a good dig around, you can find some real makeup gems.

Cheap and luxury makeup? Yes please. Those high end brands at lower prices, we cannot say no.

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Boots, even as a broke student, can break the bank sometimes. That being said, if you can resist the high end makeup, and be bothered to trek around the huge Liverpool One store, you can find some Halloween steals.

Budget friendly brands such as Collection, Rimmel and Seventeen may not be the brands you'd want to wear on your face regularly, but for one night of the year they make the perfect cheap lipstick, eyeliner or shadow. Some other amazing mid-range brands include C.Y.O, L'Oreal and Eylure, so you'll be able to find those perfect pair of lashes to go with your look! (we recommend enchanted for that doll eye effect)

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So what ever you are going as this Halloween, these four shops will sort all of your makeup needs!