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Halloween Fashion Faux Pas

Everything you need to know to make this the best Halloween yet

Whether you love practising gory new makeup looks to go with your £40 costume or if you simply rip up an old T shirt last minute and call it a day, Halloween is fast approaching. To some people, the 31st of October is a date that takes careful planning, to others, it is an over-rated night in Bar Bar because the queues were too long to get in anywhere else. Love it or loathe it, this is your essential fashion guide to surviving Halloween in Liverpool.

Shocking Shoe Choices

Although that gorgeous pair of six inch heels may look amazing in photos, it will be like something out of a nightmare one hour into your night. You will never be able to negotiate the crowds and cobbles of Concert Square in stilettos sober, never mind after the five tequila shots in Cava mixed with half a bottle of vodka at pres; so don’t bother. Don’t let the agony of uncomfortable shoes ruin your fun, instead wear something that will make you last well past witching hour. Another golden rule to follow, is that you must have footwear which can have the sticky drink stains washed off, so you don’t end up destroying your favourite pair of beautiful suede boots.

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Better rethink those suede boots

Toilet Cubical Friendly Clothes

The most important thing to avoid on Halloween is wearing a costume that makes it nigh on impossible to go to the loo. As tempting as it might be to dress up as Cat Woman or Black Widow, a catsuit is not a smart decision. No matter how much your friend says she loves you, no one wants to peel a drunken Black Widow out of her outfit in a tiny cubical in La'Go, so you can have a wee practically naked. Not a good look.

Also, having too many layers is a big no if you want a hassle free night, because once the seal is broken, going to the ladies will become a regular occurrence. Spending half your time in the bathroom is no way to celebrate Halloween.

Mortifying Makeup

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Pres- 11:00 p.m – the over ambitious makeup that looks nothing like the tutorial video

You can spend hours upon hours applying gallons of face paint, liquid latex and fake blood to recreate the infamous Halloween Instagram tutorial, but it will never be worth it. Even if you manage to somehow create a likeness in your badly lit bedroom in Smithdown, the heat of Heebies will soon melt it away. By the end of the night you’ll be left with a horrifying smudged mess on your face from sweat and jäger you couldn’t keep down. Do you really want those drunken photos to come back to haunt you in a collage that your friend so lovingly shared on Facebook as a birthday treat?

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Club toilet – 3:00 a.m – "what was I thinking?"

Accessory Overload

It is so easy to get carried away at Halloween when it comes to accessorising your look. There are hats, headdresses, masks, cloaks, wings and about a thousand other things you can buy to make your costume complete. Out of all these things, how many make it back home? You’ve left your cape on the 699 because it was making you too hot. The bouncer took the Devil’s trident from you on the door at Lost. You forgot to pick up the mask from the sink in the club toilet when you were done fixing your makeup. Someone knocked off your Devil horns which have now been kicked across the room by the dancing feet. Before you know it, you’re just a girl in a red dress. Don’t opt for an outfit that so heavily relies on props – it has disaster written all over it.

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These accessories won't last long

If you steer clear of all the things mentioned on this list, you are bound to have a fantastic costume the won’t spoil the Halloween experience. Your feet won’t ache, it won’t look like you’ve let a child loose on your face with a Crayola, people will be able to tell who or what you are supposed to be and you can save your friend from a traumatic event. The only thing to worry about now, is where to go.