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How to resurrect your Concert Square love life this Halloween

Off to find myself a “boo”

Why is it that whenever cuffing season comes around, everyone is getting some but you? Well do not fear, because Halloween is here. There's no better time to get on the pull than this, the spookiest of all seasons. Be it a time to let out your inner witch or to get out that clingy lycra zombie nurse outfit you have bundled in the back of your closet, we’ve got the T on how to find yourself the Fred to your Daphne.

Call upon the spirits

Take a trip to St James’ Cemetery and call upon one of the 58,000 inhabitants to guide you. Take a Ouija board if you dare take a dive into the world of the supernatural. If dabbling with the dead isn’t up your street, give tarot cards a go and offer to read the future of your latest tinder match.

Make a sexy costume

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This isn’t to say that Ann Summers is the only way to pull in town. Sometimes putting the effort into a costume yourself is what makes it sexy. Let your creativity run wild this year and take a break from your coursework to do some good old fashioned cutting, sewing and gluing. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you got it from ASDA if you really can’t be arsed.

Provocative pumpkins

Maybe this year instead of the standard triangle-eyed pumpkin face, get a bit cheeky. A glamorous squash can be upgraded with a pair of £1 Primark spider lashes and a witchy fascinator. Better still get millennial on your veg and carve a straight up ‘sexy face’ emoji.

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A date with a difference

Try a spooky Scouse attraction as an entertaining first date option. Take him to Ghoulies and hold his hand when it all gets too scary for him. Be sure to break the ice with a frightfully good cocktail before you head into the basement. As a Halloween queen, a few actors in clown masks are hardly going to scare you… right?

Seasonal lucky underwear

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I don’t know about you, but for a first date scenario there’s nothing better than a pair of lucky knickers. Get invested in some seasonal underwear that makes you feel fab. Better still, some spooky socks will always complete the perfect October outfit.

Bring a Halloween home-bake to the house party

If nothing else, this will keep you sober and on your toes for when Mr Perfect comes through the door. It will also make you very popular amongst your hosts. NOTE TO BOYS: There is nothing sexier than a man who bakes. Get on the Bake Off hype.

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Hypnotise them

If all else fails, get out your crystal ball and straight up hypnotise them into falling madly in love with you. But be careful what you wish for, it might just come true.