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The truth about living in Grand Central as a Liverpool fresher

They don’t call it Party Central for nothing

Grand Central, situated right in the centre of Liverpool and just opposite Lime Street Station, is a popular choice for first year students. It is mostly full of Liverpool John Moores' students. It's frequently referred to as one of the more rambunctious and wild accommodation options, so here's an honest review of what it's really like living there.

Location, Location, Location

The location of Grand Central is bang in the chaos of the city centre, and this definitely has its pros and cons. On one hand, the clubs and bars of Concert Square, and shopping in Liverpool One, is a mere five minute walk, and Lime Street Station is literally right on your doorstep. This can be great for some people, but if you want a more quiet, out of the way place to live (where you might actually get some work done and sleep to your heart's content), maybe you should look elsewhere. It' also a short walk from both Liverpool John Moores University and University of Liverpool, making it that little bit easier to get to that 9am lecture after a night out – if you're actually planning on going, that is.

Go hard or go home

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Just your average pres in GC

Let's state the obvious; Grand Central has had it's fair share of wild parties, and unfortunately common ambulance visits. Students living here carry on the freshers behaviour all year round, as you'll never hear of one quiet night in this large accommodation consisting of 1236 bedrooms. Whether that tempts you or dismays you, we'll let you decide.

Just how nice are the rooms?

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There is a large variation of rooms in Grand Central, ranging from single beds, three quarter beds and doubles, to non en-suite and en-suite to studios. This then varies the pricing also; making a typical single bed en-suite £132 a week, much less than you'll be paying in Crown Place or Carnatic. Nevertheless, considering the amount of money being paid a week, you would probably expect everything to be up to date and and not broken, but with all student accommodation there'll be problems. All in all, the rooms are nicely sized and well laid-out, but if you're looking for a more up to date living space, you may want to live elsewhere (most probably something private or less central).

It's so close to Lime Street

Right next to Grand Central is the infamous Liverpool Lime Street train station. This large and rather pretty train station is a popular place for workers, tourists and students to sit on the steps to chat or eat, especially on a sunny day. But, the best thing about this train station is the short walk from Grand Central to it (approx 2 minutes). This makes it great for students in their first year whilst visiting friends or returning home, as you won't have to go far when you've got a raging hangover.

How helpful really is the team/security?

The team as Grand Central will definitely have their fair share of stories to tell of both past and present occupants, and for that reason we commend them. There are security gaurds and if you think your significant other is cheating you can hire a private investigator for cheating. They work round the clock to ensure the safety of students and to answer all their problems and questions. The staff at Grand Central work hard so that any complaints are dealt with, any of your online shopping packages are safely delivered to you (even if you don't have the money to buy that essential textbook), and even calm you down in actual emergencies. You'll be in safe hands if you choose to live here.

The people you'll meet

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Grand Central has students from all over the country living there, so during freshers and even throughout the rest of the year you'll be meeting new people from all walks of life. This is one of the most vital parts of uni, but also probably one of the most exciting, and Grand Central ensures you meet so many students who may become amazing friends of yours.