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5 things you need to know as a Northern Irish student studying in Liverpool

Just say ‘yes’ when people ask if you’re Irish

So that day has arrived, you've collected your A-Level results from school to find out that yay, you've got into university. What exciting times lie ahead. Teachers in NI ask different pupils around the school what their plans are, and they say different things like going straight into work, going to stay at home or maybe even a few will say they will come to England to study.

But little did you know that most of the population of Northern Ireland will travel to Liverpool specifically for their studies. My personal experience of Liverpool was much different to what I thought it would be. For example, you may mainly be looking forward to meeting more English people, but…wait….literally everyone seems to be Northern Irish, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, right? So, here's a list of things a Northern Irish student should know about studying in Liverpool.

Everyone will try and copy your accent

No matter where you're heading for, there will always be the one person, or 10, that will try and copy the Northern Irish accent. At least you'll get many compliments on the accent to balance it – from seminars to job interviews, you'll be praised because you "have a lovely Irish accent." So yes, having a Northern Irish accent works great favours when in Liverpool, until you have to talk slower when chatting to a Scouser or you both won't understand a word each of you're saying to each other.

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There's a big difference between Liverpool and Belfast's nightlife

So, a typical night out in Belfast would probably consist of going to pres at 8 and being in the taxi at half 9 to be at Limelight (most likely) for 10. While getting a taxi back home would probably be at half 2 at the latest and being tucked in bed at 3, with your world spinning more than a hamster on a wheel. But Liverpool has different plans, with pres starting at half 9 or 10 and being in Concert Square for 11 earliest. Whether you go to McCooleys (because we're Irish, right?), or head to Level and then to Fusion till 6, your night will be nothing like a night-out at home! Oh and don't forget Gay Town here. Heaven till 7, why not? Since Belfast only has one popular gay club, and of course it's Kremlin.

(p.s. he's not even Northern Irish, he's from Manchester.)

Flights definitely become a nuisance

Yes, flights. Coming over to Liverpool and being from Northern Ireland means having to spend a lot of dollar on flights. While the odd plane journey isn't the worst thing, you'll definitely be stressing when packing to go home. The pressure of packing certain clothes to go home is unreal, like what am I going to do at home? Do I need going out clothes? How cold is it? Jumper cold? Or hat, scarf and glove cold? And will it all fit in my baggage allowance?

There's many things Liverpool doesn't have that you'll miss

So you've been in Liverpool for a while, but there's just some things that are sadly unavailable. So here are some of the things Belfast has that Liverpool doesn't, and trust me, you will start to miss them. Firstly, Sukis, oh the sweet gulp of an ice cold orange Suki for your hangover. Secondly, potato and soda bread, missing a good ol' Ulster fry and those greasy squares of beautiful bread will be the norm. Finally, literally anything from Dale Farm, especially the ice lollies. Heavenly! On the bright side though, they do at least they sell Buckfast over here.

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Finally, don't forget to stay connected to home

Being away at uni can be tricky, from making new friends to getting adjusted to the student life, but make time for your home life. FaceTime your parents, cousins and friends back in Northern Ireland. Don't get too lost in your new adventure in Liverpool, even though it can be easy to. Just remember, home is where Brennans Bread is at!