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How to avoid Halloween, because we all know you’re not actually as into all the dressing up and fake blood as you make out to be

We can’t even go trick or treating anymore

Halloween is another one of those events you either love, hate, or go along with it because you feel like you have no other choice. Whichever one applies to you, Halloween is fast approaching and there’s no avoiding it, or is there?

Halloween is apparently a week-long event

Supermarkets have been selling Halloween decorations since mid- September, Smyth’s window display was spooked up weeks ago and students have been planning Halloween parties since the beginning of the month. It's not even just the planning that seems slightly OTT, Halloween is taking over Liverpool for a whole WEEK, if not longer. Starting on the 24th October, Halloween themed events will be dotted all over the city; from the Baltic Market, to Level, to Bongo’s Bingo. Everyone is going Halloween mad!

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He look as rough as you feel getting up for your 9am

Sack off the horror themed house parties

Halloween is the time to pull all of your ripped clothes out and be creative. It’s the time to buy fake blood, cut things up, tear things to shreds and still wear whatever comes out of it on the other end. But some of you might not want to rip your best Primark jeans for the purpose of Halloween. You might not want to rip or stain anything at all. So if you’re up for dressing up, but not up for the ruining of clothes, face paint and the Halloween theme, how about you have an anti-Halloween themed party (i.e. just a normal fancy dress party)? Surely your friends would be up for a party no matter what the theme?

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Rough night was it mate?

If most of your friends are Halloween lovers, and you’ve been left with nothing to do but sit at home and hope no "Trick or Treaters" knock on your door and expect you, as a student house, to have treats to give out, why not do one of the following to keep yourself busy and away from the Halloween scene?

Go for a nice meal or to the cinema

No matter what the weather or season, or event, food will always be the easiest thing to do. And you know there's plenty of (affordable) places to go for food in Liverpool!

If you aren't up for going for a meal, but you want something to keep you busy for a while, then go to the cinema. Even if you’re not a horror movie person, there will be a kids' animation of some sort to entertain you. To be fair, Lady Gaga's new film is probably scary enough.

Alternatively, if you want to keep the spending to a minimum? Chill at home with your choice of films and snacks and pretend Halloween is not a thing. Oh, and don’t open the door to anyone but that Midnight Delivery delivery guy who will supply you with your late evening sugar rush.

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Pumpkins for days

However, there are hidden perks of Halloween (even if you’re not a Halloween person)

Halloween will be over before we know it and the Christmas craze will take over. But the left over Halloween sweets in supermarkets will be reduced come 1st November. We all need a hefty supply of sugary treats for that mid-week pick me up and there’s no better time to get them than after Halloween. Let’s be honest, who wants to spend 30p on a Freddo when you can get it for 15p like you were able to in the good old days? So head over to Asda, Aldi or Lidl on 1st November and stock up!