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Whatever you do, don’t believe these four myths about your first year at Liverpool

University myths and expectations debunked

Being a fresher is tougher than you might expect – the continuous cycle of hangovers is bad enough! But if your first year isn't 'the best time of your life', it can leave students feeling inadequate and like they don't fit in with uni life. If that's you in a nutshell, these debunked myths are the key to a better uni experience.

If you miss a night out FOMO will take over

MYTH : The 'golden rule' of student life is always being up for a night out. Saying no just isn't an option. Tequila shots at Cava should be second nature by now, surely. Nights in are a complete no go, so don't be boring!

DEBUNKED: If you're still feeling sensitive after a night out on supermarket own-brand booze, then don’t be afraid to say no to a night out. Give yourself a break! Forget about freezing in the Heebies queue and have a movie night instead. Watching films is a chilled out way to bond with your new mates and could help speed up your recovery from the dreaded freshers flu. Nights in are good for you mentally, physically, and even academically. Maybe you'll have a better chance of making that ungodly 9am.

Lifelong friends will fall into your lap

MYTH: Your new best pals come bounding up to you on the first day of uni. You're sorted out mate wise pretty fast, no trouble at all!

DEBUNKED: It's okay to struggle when making friends at university. Let's face it, we all have people on Facebook who we met in freshers and never spoke to again. However, unlike club toilets, university is a good place to make long-lasting friendships, sometimes it just takes a bit of time. Soon you'll be making memories that you can laugh about in years to come, like stealing a traffic cone, calling it Colin and making it an honorary flatmate.

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R.I.P. Colin. Gone but not forgotten.

You'll love every second of your course

MYTH: You're an adult now . You've chose your course VERY carefully *cough* Psychology *cough* so it should suit you perfectly! Independent study is key so don't bother asking for help.

DEBUNKED: Everything might feel a bit strange in the beginning. Lectures and seminars can seem intimidating and you may find yourself wondering "wtf is going on??", but remember, you're not the only one.

Don't be scared of speaking to a tutor if you're struggling, even if they are a bit scary. Office hour drop in sessions and emails are minimal effort ways of seeking advice if you're stuck. Oh, and you'll just have to tolerate the compulsory modules. You'll get more choice next year.

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Don't give up, even when your cat finds your history revision more interesting than you

If university isn't the best time of your life you're definitely doing something wrong

MYTH: Uni should be one big laugh and you'll feel absolutely fab all the time. If you go home during term time you aren't going to get the most out of the experience.

DEBUNKED: It's perfectly okay to find settling into uni hard at first. You may be missing friends, parents, pets and even your local Spoons, but it doesn't matter if your new mates say they're not going home till Christmas. It's not a competition and it's not a sign of weakness. If seeing your dog is going to give you that much needed mood boost then do it. And if you're already bored of pesto pasta, find some other student classics to whip up. Personally, I'd recommend the ''Nosh for Students'' cookbook. It's got loads of cheap and easy recipes, so if you're less Ramsay and more idiot sandwich, it's a perfect place to start.

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The most important thing is prioritising what is best for you. Take your time and don't compare yourself to your friends and flatmates. Just take it one step at a time and you'll soon find you're into the flow of things.