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We visited the five most haunted locations in Liverpool and now I leave the light on every night

Jeepers, it was scary

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This week we took a trip to Liverpool's five most haunted locations. Ouija board in hand, we did the tour of the spookiest spots in our favourite city and we were not disappointed.

Toxteth Cemetery

Isn't it creepy to think that the majority of Liverpool's student population live a stone's throw away from such a huge graveyard? Rumour has it that a woman in white with red hair haunts Smithdown's cemetery and she's hell bent on causing crashes and gathering souls to join her. It didn't take long before we were asked to leave, but if you're a spiritual thrill-seeker and haven't explored the abandoned church on the ASDA side of the graveyard, we highly recommend it.

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Creepy af

Newsham Park Hospital

By far the creepiest of all our locations, the abandoned Victorian mansion was once an orphanage and was later converted into an asylum. Straight out of American Horror Story, this place will send shivers down your spine. Although the house is well secured, sources confirm that the old wheelchairs, bed frames, chairs and tables of its patients can still be found within its crumbling walls.

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After a few rattles of the door we heard a rustle in the bushes and pegged it

The Empire

Stories suggest that a ghost called 'Old Pasty Face' haunts the dressing rooms and back entrance to the famous Liverpool theatre. He is said to have been an actor here before the building was remodelled in 1925. Despite not managing to catch a glimpse of the ghost, we certainly felt a presence.

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St James' Cemetery

The Anglican Cathedral hangs over St James' like the cover of an 80s horror flick. The cemetery/public garden is home to over 58,000 bodies and an energy that can only be described as terrifying. Gravestones line the tunnelled path into the main garden and the ominous Huskisson Memorial. If you're seeking some Halloween thrills, the gates stay open until 10pm.

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The Slaughter House Pub

We managed to get to our penultimate location minutes before last orders. Local legends claim that the Slaughter House, so called for its original location next to Liverpool abattoir, is home to the ghost of an ex-proprietor who hanged himself after discovering that he had been fooled into baking the remains of a young girl into a pie and eating it by a mysterious stranger. Upstairs was lovely, but the rumours were confirmed by the bartender, who insisted that the basement and comedy club was haunted for certain.

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The Adelphi

If you've ever been into the Adelphi, it will come as no surprise to you that it's haunted. In the 1920s it's said that a man either jumped or was pushed out a window from the 5th floor that he still haunts to this day. We went to pay him a visit and it was like something out of the shining. Very creepy.

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So whether you're on the look out for a ghoulishly good time or just fancy a little fright one evening, we would recommend any and all of these creepy locations. Dust off the ouija board and crack out the crystal ball and go on your very own Liverpool ghost adventure this Halloween.