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Five DIY Halloween looks for the struggling, skint student

These looks will make sure you’re not ghosted this Halloween.

You've done it again. It's the weekend before Halloween, Asda on Smithdown has been ransacked for fake fangs, witch hats AND face paint leaving you with nothing to wear for the one of the best nights out that Liverpool offers. But don't worry we've got you covered with 5 DIY costumes that are original, easy to create and most importantly, CHEAP.

Bubble Bath

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Total price: £4.69

You will need:

– White t-shirt: £2

– Packet of white balloons: £1

– Shower Cap: £1

– Packet of safety pins: 69p

If you're looking for a costume that will cost you less than a fiver to make and will guarantee your personal space is respected at the bar in McCooley's then bubble bath is your best bet. This costume is super easy to make, just blow up a some white balloons and attach them to the t-shirt using safety pins. You can use a variety of sizes to fill in any gaps and accessorise using a shower cap, rubber ducks and loofer so that your idea is obvious (my housemate mistook me for a shower cap wearing ghost). Or alternatively use purple balloons and go as a bunch of grapes.

It's Raining Men!

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You will need:

– An umbrella: £1 (from Poundland )

– Nine pictures of your favourite celeb crushes: £1 (for a copy of OK!)

– A cereal box (optional way of strengthening the heads so they're less flimsy): £0

– Wlastic bands: £1

– Glue stick: £1

(Wellies and raincoat optional)

This is the simplest costume on the list. All you need is: a brolly that you'll already own because Liverpool is freezing and rainy, print outs of your favourite celeb bae's courtesy of the SJ's printer or a mag from the guild shop and elastic bands. Cut out your celeb faces and using the glue attach the elastic bands to them, then tie them to the ends of the umbrella. It was so easy to create (and the faces remained intact, bar Drake's ear, sorry Drake) and will keep you dry when Halloween is an inevitable washout.


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At worst £9, most likely £6

You will need:

– White T-shirt: £2

– Black long sleeve t-shirt: £3 (but somebody in your flat probably owns one you can rob)

– Pair of tights: £0

– A shit-tonne of cotton balls: £1.50 (I used about 300)

– Cereal boxes: £0

– Felt tips: £1.50

– Eyeliner: £0 (A gal in your flat will own this)

– A headband: £1

This lamb costume is easy enough to make but it isn't one that you can whip up an hour before heading to Concert Square. If you own a hot glue gun, simply glue the cotton balls directly onto the t-shirt covering it completely. Realistically, you're a skint student so you probably don't have one of these. Instead, using cereal boxes make a template of the t-shirt and stick the cotton balls to this using regular primary school PVA glue. You can then attach the template using safety pins and this also means you can wear your white t-shirt again post 31st October.

Sticking the balls to the t-shirt is fairly time consuming, but if you pull them apart a little they cover more ground which will save you time. To make the ears and headband, use the off-cuts from the cereal boxes to measure ears and coloured them in black. Then using the glue, stick the ears to either ends of the headband and some cotton balls in the middle. Finish off your look by drawing on a nose and this Halloween you'll look sweeter than a chocolate baaa.

Post Malone

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You will need:

– Temporary face tattoos OR a friend who is pretty nifty with an eyeliner pen

– One flannel shirt: £3.50 (if you don't already have one, you should! But a charity shop would be your best bet)

– Tin foil: £0 (for grills)

– One can of Bud Light: £3.60 for 4 (Posty wouldn't drink just one)

– Hair bobbles: £0

2018 has been Post Malone's year and with such a distinctive look it'd be rude to leave him off the list. You can buy temporary face tat to replicate Posty's, but I got my housemate to draw them on using an eyeliner pen. Once your face is done simply tie your hair up in a messy bun, throw on a flannel shirt and button to the top. To bring it all together grab some tin foil to create grills with, a can of bud light and a cigarette.

Bin Bag Realness

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Add your homemade witch hat to this and cast a spell all over Concert Square.

You will need:

– Bin Bags: £0

– Cereal Box: £0

– Stapler: £0

This costume is easy to whip up 15 mins before you've called your taxi to Heebies. Raid the cupboard under the sink to find the essential elements of this outfit. Then, grab a mate to wrap you up in the big bags and using a stapler attach the bags together to make a dress. You can even make a hat by creating a cone with a cut up cereal box and then cover this with the leftover bags. Now you've mastered a little black dress you can create and change every Halloween.