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Liverpool John Moores’ SU claimed they didn’t know about the tramp socials, but they did

They liked their Instagram photo of the 2017 tramp social ffs


In light of the LJMU Trampoline Club "tramp" social being exposed, the JMU student union told The Liverpool Tab they had only "recently been made aware of the annual tramps night out".

However, we can exclusively reveal that after some digging we've found they definitely did know about it, and that the socials have been going on since 2014.

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Scrolling back through the Trampoline Club's Instagram, there was a picture of their 2017 social – with society members wearing cut-up clothes, fake dirt on their faces and cardboard signs around their necks.

Clicking through to see who liked the post, LJM SU's official Instagram account had liked the post.

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In addition to this, the club have used photographs of the tramp socials on their freshers' fair stalls both this and in previous years.

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Trampoline Club 2018 freshers' fair stand with tramp social pictures on their display

We went back to LJM SU to ask them to why they said they were not aware the tramp socials took place when clearly they did. They told The Liverpool Tab:

"At the SU we have previously had a number of temporary support positions with a variety of remits, including supporting our social media. However, we have found that with this in place it was difficult to track in instances such as these what may have been liked on our behalf.

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"We have since rectified this and asked the society in question to remove similar images that could be deemed offensive. This year, we have brought our social media management entirely in-house and we would reiterate once again, that we take our student led club and society behaviour very seriously and will continue to investigate anything we deem as inappropriate or against our code of conduct."

When asked about the freshers stalls, the SU refused to comment, saying "until a full investigation is complete we can't comment any further".

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The tramps social in 2014

Despite the SU being made aware of the social on Friday evening, Instagram posts showing pictures of the socials remained on their public account until this afternoon, and the club's public Facebook account is still using their 2017 tramp social photo as their header.

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Tramps social 2017

Indeed, photos stretching back to the club's first tramp social in 2014 remain on their Facebook. Yesterday LJMU Trampoline Club told The Liverpool Tab:

"We realise now, that our annual choice of costume could cause offence and are sorry for any upset this may have caused, it was never our intention. We will of course be changing our annual fancy dress theme and once again apologise to anyone who may have found this inappropriate."

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Have you heard about any offensive socials or society initiations? Please get in contact with us confidentially by messaging us on Facebook or emailing [email protected]