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Police called to Sydney Jones after student hoards 20 books and refuses to let anyone borrow them

She said she needed that many books in order to get a first


A Liverpool John Moores student was escorted from the Sydney Jones library after hoarding 20 books on her desk and refusing to put them back when asked to by library staff.

Students watched on for an hour as the female student continuously piled up dozens of library books at their desk on Wednesday earlier this week.

In video footage obtained by The Liverpool Tab, Sydney Jones Library staff can be seen approaching the girl to see if she was alright and ask why she had so many books, but were met with hostility.

An eyewitness, who wished to remain anonymous, mentioned the international student told library staff it was "her right to have those books," and the only reason they were confronting her was because "she was European and not from this country."

Staff remained calm and continued to ask why she had so many books. Her reply, as claimed by the eyewitness, was that "this is as many books as you need to get a first."

After two failed attempts by staff to get her to put any books back or leave the library, they contacted security and then the police, who said that "arresting her was the last thing they wanted to do" but that they would be forced to if she didn't comply.

The book-hoarding student did eventually comply and was escorted out by police, which other students thought was "excessive but quite funny nonetheless."

A University of Liverpool spokesperson told The Liverpool Tab: "As a precautionary measure, police officers attended Sydney Jones Library yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, 17 October) following a call concerning the safety of a student. We will not be commenting further on this matter."