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The uni has a brand new careers studio

Pop in any time to plan your future!

The brand new Careers Studio has been re-opened after undergoing full refurbishment. The redesigned Careers Studio is the first of its kind in the country, with no other UK university yet to offer services of this kind.

The remodelling took place because many students were not engaging with the service as they felt that it could be quite intimidating.

It fully reopened on the 17th September and has changed its opening times to accommodate those who have full timetables. It is now, open Monday-Thursday from 10:00am-6:00pm and Friday 10:00am-4:00pm. All appointments are drop-in, so no prior booking is necessary.

The Studio has been completely redesigned with major emphasis on being flexible, accommodating and approachable to all students. It has now become a student-lead zone.

Focus has been placed on liaising with the students and other facilities so that the students can 'co-explore' with the staff. The centre's staff consists of coaches and interns who have undergone intensive training. They are specifically qualified to provide students with guidance when deciding their future after university. The Careers Studio has also made an effort to include staff from various backgrounds to reflect the diversity amongst the students at university, the coaches also use their own life experiences to assist students.

To ensure a relaxed and approachable atmosphere, the studio has been split into three different zones: Explore, Connect and Apply.

The Explore Zone

This is to guide those who have no clue as to what they want to do after university. The coaches can work with the student's skills and interests to explore potential routes and opportunities, such as jobs, future studies, or placements.

The Connect Zone

The services provided here give students the chance to create connections in the professional world. The staff can help the students to meet with guest speakers from companies and to set up LinkedIn profiles to develop external connections.

The Apply Zone

Questions and concerns about applications for jobs, placements, internships or graduate schemes can be directed here. The coaches and interns will be happy to give advice on assessment centres, psychometric tests and interview tactics as well as help with checking CVs.

We spoke to Ellie, an intern within the university careers service, who spoke very highly about the new Careers Studio, praising how accessible it is. She told the The Liverpool Tab:

"It gives students really helpful advice and helps right away instead of students having to wait weeks to talk to someone. I think overall it is going to drastically improve the students' experience at Liverpool as well as make students feel confident and excited about looking for career advice rather than dreading it."

The Careers Studio is in the Alsop Building, Brownlow Hill. It can be found just near the university square, under the bridge next to the Augustus John pub. Don't worry, the banner is hard to miss.