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What you should wear to uni in Liverpool on an everyday basis

Fashion zero? More like fashion hero

It’s the beginning of a new semester and you’ve promised yourself this is the year that you won’t wear your pyjama top into uni on a regular basis. Let’s be honest, it's gonna happen and, to be fair, deadline and exam season is stressful af; but if you’re occasionally feeling like you do want to exude some sophistication, here are a few simple but effective outfits that will guarantee you don't look like a complete embarrassment on campus.

Outfit one: the crop top and culotte

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Looking hot even in the cold

Enter the humble crop top and trouser combo – what a match made in heaven. This should undeniably be a staple in every student's wardrobe and if it isn't, well then you need to get your priorities right. Crop tops are a well-established wardrobe essential for summer, but they can work just as effectively in autumn with a sweater or puffer jacket worn over the top. Paired with some high-waisted trousers like culottes, joggers or jeans (whatever takes your fancy) and your favourite Nike Air Force, you're definitely ready to strut round the Central Teaching Hub in style.

Outfit two: the all in one

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The height of sophistication

An all in one outfit like a dungaree dress? What an inspired choice. Literally, you can throw this outfit together faster than you can say 699. All you need is a cute top to layer underneath and a puffer jacket over the top, and you'll have all your mates in awe of how sophisticated you look, plus your mum would also be so proud #winning.

Outfit three: sportswear

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Comfy and chic

In uni, life revolves around getting those seemingly unobtainable forty winks – don't trust anyone who says otherwise, they're just lying to you. Bearing this in mind, wearing your gym gear to uni is the savviest way to utilise your time without losing any sleep. Literally chuck on your Nike leggings and a hoodie with your trainers for that sport chic vibe. Does it even really matter whether you're actually only going to the SJ and not the gym? I think not because it's SO DAMN COMFORTABLE. Not to mention the fact that you can trick everyone into thinking that you're a true exercise lover when, in reality, you only go to the gym once a year…no shade.

Outfit four: the fleece

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Edgy and snug, an iconic combo

Whether you nicked your Tommy Hilfiger fleece off your boyfriend or copped it off Depop, it should without question be a staple piece of your uni wardrobe. By no means should it be overlooked, as this piece of clothing will be your knight in shining armour in many scenarios. For example, on those cold and depressing all-nighters in the Sydney Jones, alongside your trusty Tesco meal deal when you're cramming for exams and trying not to break down for the fourth time in a row. Or how about when you’re trying not to catch hypothermia when being battered by the Liverpool ‘breeze' in the smoking area – can confirm it’s an absolute 10/10 for practicality. Ultimately the fleece isn't a demanding item of clothing; you could pair it with some jeans and trainers, or throw it over any outfit if you want to. You should thank your grandad for the fashion inspo asap.

Outfit five: the puffer jacket

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One true love

Undoubtedly the OG of winter wear, you would be naive to think that you could survive a winter in Liverpool without one. Not only do they provide next level duvet-like comfort for those naps on the 699 to and from uni but they also look pretty cool. Warm, puffy and soft, it can be hard to part with your dear friend the puffer coat when summer finally rolls around in May. Although it probably won’t be long before you are reunited; thank you, eternal British winter. Minus points for the coats without hoods, because hello, every season is monsoon season in England – I’m talking to you North Face. We're not angry, just disappointed.

Outfit six: the dressing gown

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A statement piece

Failing all else, just shove your dressing gown on top of what you've hastily chosen from your wardrobe and call it a day. You're sure to catch your library bae's eye in this bad boy – we're not sure if that's in a good or bad way, but it'll still get his mind off all the work he should be doing.