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All the fashion faux pas you make as a Liverpool fresher

Spot the fresher wearing heels to Level

Ah, the unassuming fresher. Having recently arrived in the city, it's understandable that they may not know the unwritten rules of being a Liverpool student. To second and third years, they're easy to spot from a mile away.

From the once white trainers to the leavers hoodies, here's all the fashion mistakes a first year in Liverpool makes:

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Those shoes have been lost to the dance floor

White shoes on any night out

You might think that wearing your freshest Nike Air Force trainers on a night out will complete the perfect outfit pic for your uni debut on Insta, but we're here to tell you that it's a bad idea. The Raz has seen too many shoes face a fate worse than death on its basement dance floor. Instead, wear your old faithful flats and leave your dazzling white kicks at home for your 9am sprints across campus.

Tried and tested, no amount of elbow grease will get out the stains of Raz Juice and the scuffs you'll find on your shoes the morning after. You'll be left with nothing but regret as your white shoes turn grey and your Instagram post doesn't bang because you inevitably downed too many VK and posted at 1am.

Uni lanyards

The ultimate fresher mistake. Not so much a fashion item, but surely a fashion no-no. If you want a big flashing sign above you that says "FRESHER", pop your lanyard around your neck. Guaranteed to ruin any outfit you've tried super hard to put together, the lanyard is there to ensure that you look like a lost tourist.

What's the use of it unless you're going to an exam anyway? Pop it in your pocket, the lost look on your face will let us know just who you are.

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So close yet so far girls

Heels on campus

Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore. We know it's tempting to try and fit into the Scouse fashion scene, but please, save your heels for a Saturday night out in Level – we don't want to see them on campus.

You may feel like a fashion blogger when you take one last look at yourself before hopping onto the 699, but trust us when we say 9ams offer more of an "anything goes" dress code than a fashion show. No one's even paying attention to the lecture, let alone what you're wearing on your feet. Do yourself a favour and slip on a pair of comfy shoes so you can run from North to South campus in ten minutes, because you'll soon learn that the time tabling team like to make our lives difficult af.

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See one in a supermarket near you!

Leavers hoodies

LEAVE your leavers hoodies at home freshers. We promise no one cares what school you came from. No one wants to know your "cool" nickname and no, we definitely don't want to know how you got it thanks.

Let's not lie, everyone is guilty of falling into the freshers hoodie trap, they're cool, comfy and casual, right? Wrong. Uni is a time to reinvent yourself so these need to be retired to the back of your wardrobe ASAP. In fact, post them home to avoid the temptation of EVER slipping them back on again.

Tight tracksuit bottoms

Boys, we're looking at you. We all remember 2009, when leggings were so see through, that girls might as well not have bothered wearing them. But fast forward to now, it's 2018, the era of boys wearing tracksuit bottoms so tight that you can see *cough* almost everything *cough*.

Trackie bottoms are so tight these days it's a wonder you can even get them on without some assistance. In all honesty, this is a universal uni boy problem, but if you nip it in the bud in first year you'd be doing all of us, including yourself, a favour. Thanks.

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The plague of the uni gym

Next to nothing

The winds are harsh here in Liverpool, something every student learns the hard way when they're queuing for what feels like hours to get into Heebies. Gone are those mild southern days spent frolicking around Suffolk with your mates from home – you're up North now. Everyone will be too drunk to remember your outfit anyway! Just make sure you're flaunting it at pres. Girls, there's no shame in taking a sweatshirt with you to keep warm whilst you wait.

You don't have to worry about it interrupting your dance moves because you can just throw it round your waist once you're inside. It really is a fool proof piece of advice that will not only keep you warm in the line, but also keep you warm when all the cabs are driving past you at 4am and all you want is a take away and your bed.

You heard it here first.