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We tested the free facial packs from the Fresher’s Fair and they actually weren’t awful

Stress, hangovers, sleeping in makeup by ‘accident’? Well the Guild has got our backs

Every student can admit to stumbling in from a night out on Concert Square and passing out within five seconds of getting in. The last thing you want to do when you're shitfaced is take off the face you spent a whole hour applying, and that tiny voice in the back of your head that has lead you astray so many times before says "ah I'll do it in the morning". Then, you wake up with a massive fresh zit all ready for your nine am.

At the Fresher's Fair, the Guild were very generously giving out free skincare bags (thanks 9k tuition fees) which included some free samples and other goodies. These precious free samples included the Nivea Daily Essentials range which included a "moisture boost" and a "1-minute detox mask", fancy ay?

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Well as skincare lovers we had to see if the kits lived up to the claims that they made. So, what are the claims we hear you ask?

The detox mask claims it "detoxifies skin by reducing environmental stresses on the skin", "exfoliates dead skin cells, providing extra deep cleansing" and "purifies skin, refines its appearance, and supports a perfect complexion".

Does it work?

It left our skin feeling smooth and fresh, and it does feel like it offers that deep cleansing. While some may struggle to believe it will "support a perfect complexion" (what does this mean anyway?), it seems like a good all-rounder. The instructions say to leave on for one minute, but as we found out the hard way, leaving it on any longer can make your skin feel tight and almost painful.

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The moisturiser claims it "provides skin with effective anti-oxidative care", "helps protect skin from external influences, pollution and sunlight with SPF 20", "provides skin with a 48 hour moisture boost" and "refreshes with a light formula and invigorating scent".

Does it work?

Yes, the moisturiser is fantastic. It leaves skin feeling plumped, refreshed and highly moisturised. However, it's hard to believe these effects last 48 hours. When we left it on overnight our skin felt really nourished (dare we say, moist) the morning after.

Is it worth the purchase?

If you go into L1 Superdrug at the moment you can buy the Mask for £3.39 and the night cream is £3.89, so we'd say that's student loan friendly and won't break the bank.


A valiant attempt from the Guild to supply us with some post-night-out essentials, but realistically, a pack of face wipes would've served us better. Still, as the majority of us will no doubt be balls deep in our overdrafts by week six we can't knock a freebie.