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Here’s all the things you’ll definitely find in a Liverpool student house

Whether you’re in Kenny, Smithdown or lucky enough to be in the Georgian Quarter

It's been a good few weeks since settling into our second and third year abodes, so it's only right that your student palace is full of the things below, since we've all gotta fit the cliches.

A selection of Baa Bar cups

Nearly every student house will have a selection of these cups that they've nicked after downing their double vodka red bulls on a Saturday night out in Baa Bar. They will have lots of different uses – as a cup, a vase, a pot for stationary or just in it's pride of place on top of a shelf or window sill for decoration.

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Leftover Nabzy's takeaway boxes

After a hefty night out in Level, Nabzy's is calling your name, and by the time you've dragged yourself home and eaten around three pieces of fried chicken whilst chatting shit with your mates in the kitchen, it's time for you to head to bed. You leave your empty takeaway box on the floor or on the sofa. And it will still be there this time next weekend. Nice.

Those cute little plants that everyone buys at the freshers' plant sale

Is there a nicer way than decorating your room in your uni house than with a few cute plants? Every year the uni plant sale arrives and you end up buying three or four cacti on to put on your window sill, just so you can take some pics for the 'gram. All for the aesthetic, right?

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Cute af

A stranger

You've got no idea who they are, how they've got here or where they came from. They could be someone that's come to fix the boiler, a mate's boyfriend or a male guest your housemate picked up from The Raz the night before. Who even knows? The possibilities are endless.

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Who dis?

A shitty back garden

Houses in Kensington and Smithdown are especially famous for their delightful back gardens. You open the door to just a square concrete block with high walls, a selection of weeds growing in the corner, a broken washing line and possibly a dead rat. But it'll all add to make the perfect setting for a pre-night out photo shoot.

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A Henry hoover

All the student halls and houses in Liverpool are guaranteed to have one. You move in and there it is, sat in the corner ready to use (if anyone actually hoovers, that is). It's great until you have to drag it up three flights of stairs in order to try and clean your room, and it always smells a bit odd after you've used it. But it's used to hoover everything – sick, spiders, an odd sock, your ex's sweater, you name it.

A shit ton of fairy lights

Are you even a uni girl if you don't have pink fairy lights in your room though? I mean they're literally everywhere; in the living room, the kitchen, outside, you name it. They'll make a Smithdown house look ever so pretty, or at least that's what you tell yourself and everyone who visits.

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Cool vibez

A selection of film and music posters bought from the freshers' fair (even though you're not a fresher anymore)

What better way to decorate your walls with a cheap poster of all the Communist leaders around the world, one with The Beatles on Abbey Road to show you're oh so Liverpool or that one that lists all the shots you can buy from Baa Bar?

And of course, mould

The classic element of any student house really. You might not notice at first, but soon it will creep on the walls in the bedroom, in the kitchen and in the bathroom. It will probably make you ill at first, but soon enough you'll become immune to it and, even though you've rang up your estate agents about 90 times to complain, it'll certainly remain there for the rest of the year.

The best decoration

So whether it's a beloved Baa Bar cup, a selection of cacti or a random stranger picked up from a Monday night out, these are just the norm in your stereotypical Liverpool student house.