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The top 5 vintage shops in Liverpool you need to know about

This semester rewind your look for less

The Top Five Vintage Shops in Liverpool – Ranked

With Liverpool being one of the best cities in the country, it’s only right it has the best vintage shops too. The city is filled with vintage gems just waiting to be discovered, but to the Liverpool fresher it can be hard to find them at first glance.

5. Resurrection – Bold Street

Resurrection is the only place to go for your 90s essentials on Bold Street. This shop is popping with colour from the floor to ceiling posters in the changing rooms to the vibrant shirts that cover the walls. Not only can you find oversized retro sweaters but also trendy vintage style brands so you never have to worry about what to wear to your 9 am again.

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Resurrection: Jumper – £18.00, Denim Jacket: £30.00

4. Soho – Bold Street

Soho is packed full with some of the greatest vintage clothes you can find. If 50s swing dresses are your style, Soho has you covered. If 70s jackets are more your vibe then Soho's got your back. If Levi’s are your one true love and uni wardrobe staple, then, you guested it, Soho most certainly has what you need. On the second floor there's as much denim as your heart desires, starting from only £9.99. Don’t worry if all that trying on clothes and the hangover from Shit Indie Disco has you worn out, you can recover in the vegan friendly café on the bottom floor.

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Soho: Jacket – £25.00

3. Pop Boutique- Bold Street

The final place on Bold Street that deserves a spot on this list is Pop Boutique. In this little gem of a vintage shop you can shop the last 10 decades in just the one room, giving you the chance to fuse that stunning 60s mini dress with that vibrant 80s leather jacket, perfect for a night out on concert square. Let’s not forget the accessories- you can find boots, sunglasses, hats, bags and jewellery so in no time at all you have created the perfect outfit. If you need a break from all that clothes shopping, head downstairs to browse the greatest records ever made.

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Pop Boutique: Jacket – £40.00, Shirt – £16.00, Shorts – £20.00

2. 69A – Renshaw Street

Perhaps the quirkiest shop on the list- the music student of the vintage world, one could say- is 69A. Like a portal transporting you back in time, as soon as you step through the door your eye is drawn to the fur coats hanging from the ceiling, the 70s suede skirts lining the walls and hundreds of books that proudly sit at the rear of the shop. With items starting at just 50 pence, it is a bargain lovers paradise. Like all curiosity shops; if you can imagine it, 69A sells it.

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69A: Jacket – £8.50

1. The Vintage Corner – Saint John’s Road

Finally taking the top spot on the list is The Vintage Corner. Even though the The Vintage Corner maybe a little further out from the city centre, it is still worth a visit. If you really don’t fancy a trip to Waterloo then you can view, reserve and buy the new stock on their Facebook page and have it delivered to your front door. With this first class service it’s no wonder this gorgeous shop takes the gold. The flash Facebook sales are the perfect opportunity to grab some bargains but get in quick, the stock doesn’t last for long. The Vintage Corner is known for its vast array of 70s shirts and collection of authentic fur coats, if the idea of wearing Thumper doesn’t offend you too much.

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The Vintage Corner: Shirt – £15.00

Liverpool has so much vintage fashion to offer, and is the ideal solution for students shopping on a budget, who want to find unique pieces that set them apart from their course mates. Whether you're a 60s girl at heart, or 90s grunge is your vibe, this city has you covered.