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Why the Guild is feminist af

And why that’s amazing #GRL PWR

Being a student is tough. Being a student on her period is tougher, so here is a quick rundown on what Liverpool uni are doing to give us gals a hand.

Let's talk about the tampon tax

The Guild have fought for, and implemented, a number of policies in recent years to make our lives easier. Their victories for us include free sanitary products in female and gender-neutral bathrooms across campus and meeting the cost of the 5% 'luxury' tax on feminine hygiene products in the Guild Shop. This even includes eco-friendly options for the environmenstrually conscious.

Shouldering the 'tampon tax' is a huge step for feminism on campus, as it recognises the necessity of affordable feminine hygiene. Let's face it, people with periods suffer enough without having to pay through the nose for the privilege.

Back in my day

I'll always remember a conversation I had with my Mum before uni about student budgeting – she once had to choose between buying tampons or toothpaste. She chose toothpaste and had to walk around for a week with toilet roll in her underwear. In fact, in the UK alone 12% of women have had to improvise sanitary protection because they couldn't afford suitable products. Thanks to our Guild and the amazing work they do, we're lucky enough not to have to make that choice.

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The Guild's policy is such a huge step forward for feminism on campus. Nobody should have to miss out on their education because of their period (as almost half of the female population have at some point). How many more of us might actually go to that dreaded 9AM if we don't have to worry about being caught off-guard?

Blowing your student loan on tampons

And can we talk about the money this could save us? In their lifetime, some undergrad students may have spent over £200 on sanitary products; forking out nearly £13 in tax. That's enough for THREE fat frogs at the Raz and a cheeky Nabzy's for the bus home.

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cheers to that

Thanks to the good choices of our Guild, we're able to attend lectures worry-free and to save money for our not-so-good choices. Thanks UoL!

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