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Here are all the things you can do during Freshers’ Week in Liverpool that aren’t clubbing

Brunch is the best tequila recovery method


It's undeniable that freshers is a week of fun and freedom, despite the hangovers and comedowns. We venture into unknown clubs as freshers, or reignite our passion for the Liverpool nightlife if we're not newbies anymore. However, when clubbing gets a bit much, and you wanna tell the 'rents about something you're not ashamed of, these are some ideas that don't involve Baa Bar and chundering on the 699.

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No need to fall asleep on the sesh anymore!!

Visit freshers fair

It's not as cringe as it sounds, honestly – this two-day bonanza is a great time to stock up on so many pens, you'll make Jack Fincham jealous, learn about the opportunities uni provides and lets you find the best societies for your interests. However, please don't overestimate yourself, nobody can manage creative writing, Marxist society and korfball all at once. Especially not your email inbox.

Scope out some cocktail bars

This may mean flexing your liver once again, but at least holding two pornstar martinis at Be At One is classier than flinging two vodka cokes down the Heebies stairs. Southerners, finally your bank account won't be weeping over £10 cocktails, as you can get up to six (!!) for that value at The Font, conveniently located on campus. The Guild's two for £6 offerings are treat too, an especially good place if someone who prefers pints joins you as well, with £1.60 Carlsberg and Somersby on Fridays. These devilishly cheap prices could possibly lead you to a club, but also means you won't feel guilty if you just wanna tuck yourself up in bed straight after.

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Your round or mine?

Go for a nice meal

Life's worth more than an Aldi microwave lasagne, especially when you're in a city with the coolest eateries. Freshers, you'll be feeling so much fresher when you've lunched at Love Thy Neighbour or Our Kitchen on Bold Street (the coolest street in Liverpool, FYI). And if healthy food doesn't take your fancy, Almost Famous and Patterson's are definitely worth the cheat day with their burgers and chicken. Just sign up to the gym next week, those killer abs can wait…

Shop 'til you drop in Liverpool One

After stepping foot in Carnatic and deciding you certainly need to reinvent yourself (Jack Wills is very 2011, hun), your student loan can be splurged in vintage shops like Cow and Resurrection, some more Bold Street beauties. Or you could just go Topshop or Zara for that Scouse chic look. If your clothes are already Kitchen Street ready, Utility is there for your decorating needs, so you can create the haven your mum would've called "tacky" at home.

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Who said it's shit up north?

Host a movie night

A way to binge on Netflix without feeling antisocial, hurrah. Gather your new roomies in the Vine Court living area, plug in your laptop, and discover you're all equally in love with Noah Centineo, a perfect bonding topic. Plus, your Domino's vouchers won't have to gather dust, since they'll sort out your scran. Nevertheless, if you'd rather watch To All The Boys I've Loved Before in your own room, there's no shame in that. Freshers can be an overwhelming experience, so having some me-time is perfectly understandable.

Go on a day trip

If you summon the energy to get up at a reasonable time, don't waste it lying in bed claiming you're "never drinking again". It's better to kid yourself somewhere that might help your fat frog induced nausea, so Calderstones or Sefton Park are the perfect call. If you're a first year on-campus, that'll mean experiencing the 'joys' of an Arriva bus too, so you'll easily quit complaining about the walk to Concert Square in the future.

Alternatively, you can visit Crosby or Formby Beach, to snap some seaside shots to send to your big-headed mates who gloat about studying in Brighton or Falmouth. Liverpool really is the best all-round city, and you don't need to wait until freshers finishes to discover that.

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Pray the weather holds out