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A pro-life charity have been rejected from having a stall at Liverpool’s Freshers’ Fair

Liverpool is one of three UK SUs to ban the charity from their Freshers’ Fair

A pro-life charity have claimed they've faced "discrimination" from the Liverpool Guild of Students, after they were one of three student unions to ban them from Freshers' Fairs this year.

The charity, called "Life", was also rejected by Warwick and Manchester student unions, with Liverpool suggesting they "could not provide confidential, non-judgemental and impartial advice".

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You won't be seeing these guys during Welcome Week

Life's Director of Education, Anne Scanlan, called these rejections "further proof of the stifling of its right to freedom of expression on campuses" and invited the Office for students to intervene.

Scanlan added: "No university should be allowed to discriminate against pro-life students and pro-lifers in general."

The charity also notes the help it offers women in crisis pregnancies, running 23 houses for those that are pregnant and homeless.

Given the general consensus amongst students that pro-life is not welcome on Liverpool's campus, with a petition having surfaced before to ban Liverpool's pro-life society, alongside FemSoc protesting against a pro-life speaker, we can see why the Guild may have deemed this rejection appropriate action.