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How to look fresh for Liverpool freshers

Fix up, look sharp.

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Freshers week. Booze, parties, clubbing, making friends, booze, drinking, vomiting, oh… and did I mention, booze? We all know that first impressions count, so here's a few tips to help you look the best you can over the course of the messiest week yet.

The "tactical chunder" outfit

If you can't see the vom, you can pretend it never happened.

There is no better way to tactically vomit than to act as if you weren't defeated by the alcohol in any shape or form. Achieve this by wearing the wackiest prints you own! We're talking the seats of the 699. There's a reason the patterns are so strange. The pattern needs to be as abstract as possible so the sick will blend in. Nobody will know a thing.

Warning- the smell will not go away by itself. Carry some form of body spray.

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Charity shop chic

All that glitters…

When it comes to saving money and looking great, we’ve got your back. If you’ve been to a festival before, you’ll know that even when you're looking like absolute shite, you can always glow up with a bit of glitter. Bags under your eyes? Glitter. Bad hair day? Glitter. You get the gist. Think Boomtown chic; it isn’t far off in terms of alcohol, music and late nights (but for the love of god don’t go the whole week without a shower). Shine your way through freshers and don’t let on that you’re suffering: slap on the sequins.

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Glitter is the best hangover cure

The big debate- trainers or heels?

I think we can come to a conclusion pretty quickly with this one. Heels on a night out; legs look longer, outfit tends to look better, you feel great. But, we can’t forget the bloody giant blisters and foot ache after about an hour of traipsing from club to club in them. There’s two options here. Wear the heels and bring some flats but then risk putting the heels down and losing them, or put on a decent pair of trainers, skank the night away and be care-free. You don’t want to be that person hobbling around with cuts and blisters on their feet and let's face it, the locals do it better than we ever could. You certainly don’t want to twist your ankle dancing when completely smashed.

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I know which one I'd choose…

Don't be afraid to go all out

Throughout freshers you’ll come across some themed nights where you have to dress up. Having spoken to previous freshers, their best advice would be to go for it! Dress up and have fun. It’s better to look super weird than to be a Plain Jane when you’re meeting new friends.

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Another wild night at the Guild


I know that going to uni can be very daunting and it’s even worse that you’re all on your own and have to make new friends. But rest assured you already have a best friend as soon as you hit freshers… your sunglasses. Like glitter, they hide the bloodshot eyes when you’re absolutely hanging and will turn the worst you into the best you. Have fun with your new hangover buddy.

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Nobody knows I'm dying on the inside

So go forth with these top tips and put your best foot forward and first impressions always count.