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This is how to throw the ultimate pres during freshers, and what you need to avoid

Because nobody wants to go to a school disco

Freshers is a weird time for any student new to the city; you've left home to move into a flat with a handful of literal strangers and for the first time you're the only person responsible for keeping yourself alive. This, combined with the mindset that you are now a grown-up who rents property and can throw a sesh whenever you fancy means that it's very easy to create a pres that your 15 year old, peach schnapps guzzling self would be pleased with. This is our rough guide of how to throw a cracking pre drinks and what to avoid to ensure it doesn't suck.

Everything you shouldn't be doing

Getting far too personal in a game of never have I ever

During freshers you will have strangers swanning in and out of your flat on a daily basis, so in a bid to break the ice this over-intrusive party game will be played. The lines are blurred in the game because on one hand these people aren't your friends, you wanna hear all their goss and poor decisions, but you don't want to be that girl that spills all her secrets either. Nobody needs to know about that time you were so drunk you got stuck on the roof and hid behind the chimney whilst your neighbour went ballistic at your friends. Not yet anyway.

Only playing ring of fire at every single pres you host

Don't get me wrong, as drinking games go Ring of Fire is a classic, and literally every student in the universe knows how to play. But for big pres, this game is no good. Its long, has loads of different rules and if more than eight people turn up they lose interest and the game will inevitably break down. You don't have to worry about pulling out the last king because you'll never get that far.

Relying on 'classic cheesy hits' to get everyone hyped

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Whacking on a playlist of noughties hits is tempting because you think that "everybody knows they're classics". They're not. In reality they are just reminders of the deadbeat town with its one nightclub and one Spotify playlist that you've just escaped. At this pres Mel B isn't enough to "spice up your life".

Giving out your stuff to randoms

Everybody knows the best bit of going away to uni is the Ikea trip two weeks before. Your parents didn't send you away with boxes brimmed with ladles, potato peelers and a six pack of glasses with funny little sloths painted on them, for some guy to knock his can of red stripe into and smash your tiny new sloth mates to smithereens. When it comes to pres, plastic is power.

Only speaking to people you already know at the pres

So you've moved in with strangers, got to know them a bit and are hosting pres to make more pals so, naturally you'll only speak to the people you already know. Freshers is all about putting yourself out there; as cliché as it is everybody wants to make mates just as badly as you, so speak to people you don't know. You could meet your wife or your new best friend so give new people a chance!

Everything you should be doing

Buying a disco ball

Music is important, but so is lighting. Your pres will be nothing without some funky strobe lighting and this can easily be achieved by buying a disco ball for about £15. This steps up your pre game instantly and you can show your new mates that your flat is the poorer cousin of level.

Meeting that dodgy bloke who lives across the hall and convincing him to bring his decks and do his best patrick topping impression for the evening

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Calvin Harris is that you?

Turn your kitchen in Pacha Ibiza by letting the guy who only wears vintage football shirts, that you met in the lift carrying a mini keyboard, put his favourite Soundcloud mix on and play in your state of the art DJ booth (speakers and a laptop balanced carefully on your ironing board). This way they'll be no arguments over what's played and no adverts ruining the vibe cause the only flatmate that's too tight to buy Spotify premium insisted on being in charge of music.

Pre pres preparations

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The aftermath of a freshers pres.

Hosting pres can be super stressful if you don't have the right plan in place. Plastic cups and straws (paper ones though, just because we binge drink doesn't mean we're not environmentally aware) are vital so that nobody uses your things and nothing gets broken. Eating before hosting pres is crucial so that you don't over-drink and can't get out the door; you have a new city's nightlife to explore so scran a toastie before you start on the VKs.

A big tip I learnt in my first year is to wash up before everybody comes round. This is good for when somebody inevitably has too much to drink and they can vom in your sink and not all over your carpet or the leftover lasagne.

Order taxis in advance

The most difficult bit of pres is actually getting everybody to leave. There's always that one group of girls, they're stood taking selfies in your hallway – you're now wondering if they'll ever get one where all their eyes are open. To avoid this group making you late, order your taxis in advance. It's the easiest way to avoid queues once you're out and will cost you next to nothing as each taxi is full of people to share the fare with.

avoid this queue at all costs

Make a roadie

Now just because the RA has kicked you out, or you have to get to Heebies before 12 to get queue jump, doesn't mean the pres have to end. Instead make a roadie for the journey down into town to keep the vibes high. Roadies come in all shapes and forms, but for me a vodka lemonade in a plastic water bottle does the trick. Be warned, you may have to hide said roadie in between your feet during the taxi journey, taking cheeky swigs whilst your mate in the front asks the driver if he's had a busy night.

Follow these steps and your initiation to uni life and Liverpool's nightlife will be off to a flying start right from your first night out.