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Here it is, your Liverpool night-out bucket list

Get these ticked off before you graduate

Typically you may associate bucket lists with older people who yearn to jump out of planes, however how about a more realistic bucket list given the fact you're in your teens, can't spontaneously leave those deadlines and have less than £50 in your account? Well look no further, as these goals can easily be achieved in your three years at Liverpool.

Go on a 'shit night-out'

It's 7pm, you're eating the last of your Tesco meal deal in the SJ and suddenly you hear a ping; "wanna go out?" A sense of fear overcomes you, as you've not got guestlist so Heebies is off the cards; you'll just end up stumbling into McCooleys, Soho, Popworld then Baa Bar, or the likes. Sounds crap, but it'll one of the best nights-out you've been on, so is a must during your time in Liverpool. After all, we need a break from super cool nights occasionally, right?

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So. Many. Cups.

Go to gay town

The music is cheesy and the drinks are cheap, what's not to love about Liverpool's gay scene? If you're tired of what Concert Square has to offer, head to G-town as it's otherwise known. Where else would you find a drag queen DJ and Dolly Parton on repeat? Did I mention there's also a pole? Drunken Beyonce impersonations, here we come.

Go on an indie night-out

You're not 19 forever but your indie phase will live on even into third year, so get your glitter on at Shit Indie, boogie on upstairs at Quids In or raise the roof in La'go. Arctic Monkeys' new album may be disappointing to you, but this sesh definitely won't be.

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Not so shit after all

Have a Hispanic night-out

Believe it or not, there's something to be said about Liverpool's Mexican themed digs. From the glamorous Alma de Cuba, to the lesser known likes of Maya, an underground bar with a crypt-like theme. There's also El Bandito; a little downstairs bar with a lot to offer. Did someone say tequila?

Have a classy pres

If you're tired of always stumbling around the dance floor, or trying desperately to find a seat in the Brookie on a busy Friday night, then why not go for a more classy pres? Cocktails are the staple drink, and with so many venues offering a 2-4-1 offer, there's no reason why not.

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Cocktails are always classy

Go on a Baltic Triangle night-out

Whether you're a SoulJam funker or a Chibuku raver, you need to take that trip a bit out of town to 24 Kitchen Street, Constellations, Camp & Furnace plus Hangar34. Even if these don't sound your cup of tea, your mind will be changed once those rave shades are on; and, if all else fails, just take a picture next to the angel wings for your latest Instagram.

Go and see a celebrity in Level

Level itself doesn't have to be on your bucket-list, as every student will end up there at some point – probably in freshers. However when a famous guest is there, it's a whole different game. Your children will clearly be dying to know that you partied to Basshunter or nabbed a photo with Phil Mitchell.

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Do a tour of Spoons

We often forget the joys of Spoons when we have much 'cooler' bars, but nothing can beat a 2 for £12 pitcher, or the grand total of 10 if you nab that deal at all five city centre Spoons. Your bank account will be crying, and probably you too on the Lime Kiln dancefloor, but the memories from before will only bring back happy tears.

Go to Lost at different venues

Most of us enjoyed a night-out in the infamous Cellar, but now Lost is on tour, it'd be rude not to join them. An Invisible Wind Factory night is a must, so using this opportunity is definitely required. There's also Constellations, Arts Club and Underground; we even ranked them so you can find the best vibe at Lost.

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Go on a games night-out

From Kaiserkeller to Roxy Ballroom, there's plenty this city has to offer in terms of sports bars. Whether you want to watch the big games, or kick back and play some pool, this is not something to be missed. Who needs revision when table tennis exists?

Visit the secret bars in Liverpool

Venture into the some of the cities best kept secret bars. Whether you're hiding from your your work or that ex you awkwardly ran into last week, you'll be safe here. Ex-Directory even has a secret entrance, hidden inside a phone box. Disclaimer, no Doctors are promised inside.

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2 hands = 2 drinks

Visit all the Cool It events

If you haven't been to a Cool It night, where have you been? Visiting all of the city's Cool It nights is a rite of passage; you have to do it before you leave. Just don't forget to get the obligatory club photo, which you'll then print into a Polaroid for your wall of fame.

Visit Mathew Street

The perfect place to go for a more relaxed alternative to Concert Square, and one of the best places to visit on St Paddy's, Mathew Street is a lot of fun, with less of the clubbing and more of the live music. It's the perfect place to discover something new, or simply to take a selfie next to the Cilla Black statue, whatever takes your fancy.

Go to Bongo's Bingo

Did someone say 88?

Are you even a student if you haven't been to Bongos yet? It's the best type of bingo, because it's a bevvy bingo, where drinking is acceptable. It's a fantastic way to socialise with you flatmates, and there's even a chance you could win a Henry Hoover, no excuses for not cleaning your room if you win it though. Maybe just stick to the cut-out Phillip Schofield.

Have a proper Raz night-out

We're all acquainted with The Raz, but how about going full-on Raz? Buy a hat on the door (bonus points for choosing an obscure colour), spend your student loan on Razbombs and make your sick luminous green from fat frogs. This behaviour won't be acceptable in a few years time, so make the most of it now.

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Pink to make the boys wink