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How to get a girl to fall in love with you in Liverpool

It takes more than just getting her a quadvod

Looking for love in Liverpool is more than just a five-minute Tinder swiping sesh before bed – it takes a lot more for you to impress these Scouse stunners. So ladies and gentlemen, if you're looking for a lass to share your McNuggets with after Juicy then look no further, as we have all the tips and tricks to woo them.

Buy her a Raz cap

The cherished possession of a Liverpool student, it would be a crime not to treat the lady in question to one of these beauties. Take the lead and select a colour you think she'll like. Matching it to her outfit will definitely mean she'll wanna buy you a fat frog in return, as none of us want a bright yellow hat when we're wearing a pink ensemble.

Queuing for Heebies? What's that?

Get Heebies guestlist

No gal finds it appealing when their special other lacks any sort of organisational skills, so hit up one of the Cool It promoters in advance to secure her a coveted place on the Quids In guestlist. Make sure you accommodate for her bestie too; you know Hannah won't keep to her word that she's not going out as she's 'saving for holidays'.

Nab a seat near her in the library

Don't go in all guns blazing and sit right next to her, we beg – but a couple of spaces down and opposite should do the trick. Give her some eye contact as you go outside for a cigarette break, and ensure your meal deal selection is up to scratch – 'just ham' isn't gonna cut it mate.

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She'll be swiping right for you

Get your seminar balance right

If you're lucky enough to be on her course, or even luckier in her seminar, then this is the prime opportunity to get her interested – be wary about speaking over everyone else in the group, no matter how enthusiastic you are about Ulysses. However, throwing in some intellectual remarks will definitely have her thinking after your hour together about the deep conversations she now wants to have.

Choose your nights-out wisely

Hitting up Level and Baa Bar every week screams classic fuckboy – throw in some nights at the Baltic Triangle, but don't be ashamed of the occasional cringe night in Concert Square. You'll certainly be admired if you can belt out those tunes in Woodys and McCooleys without shame.

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We like to venture beyond the Brookie

Take her to the best eateries in Liverpool

Yes buying her red salt chips from Nabzy's after a night-out will be appreciated, but it won't be remembered as much as when you recalled how much she wanted to go Crazy Pedro's so went on a date there. Remember to snap a couple of candids too, our Instagram feeds don't update themselves you know.

Up your chat-up line game

Assuming you've already slid into her DMs, don't bore her with the general chit-chat; ask a question like "will you be at SoulJam this Wednesday? Would be cool if you were there." It's casual, but makes aware that you're interested enough to wanna see her at events. Plus, we all love a lad or lass who can rock a good wavy garm.

Don't have her dreaming that she's at your cute neighbour's house

And get your bus conversation on point

When you both manage to be on the 699 at the same time, it may be hard to stand out amongst the swarms of other students. This is where you need to get your head in the game (if you've got a friend there to help). Talking about a really cool gig that you'll defo be attending, or all your exciting summer plans will have her eavesdropping for sure – going on about how you forgot to get your chicken out the freezer may not.

Ensure your Smithdown house is fit for a princess

Her room may be an absolute pig-sty, but that doesn't mean you should be parading your mouldy pizza from Harper's last month. Give it a polish and dust so your room resembles a Marriott hotel, rather than an £80 a week student house on Lawrence Road.

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Nobody cares about your 'gains'

So, if you follow those tips carefully then congratulations, you might be the new power couple of UoL. However, if you try and still fail, it might be time to accept there's plenty more fish in the Mersey.