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Every way to say goodbye to your friends in Liverpool

Goodbye my lover, Goodbye my friend

Exam season is finally drawing to a close and along with it we say goodbye to another year of uni! Whether you are a first year or final year; I am sure you will be filled with excitement and relief for the 107 days of summer ahead of us. However, before you go you need to do one last thing; say a farewell to your nearest and dearest friends for the summer. We have complied this guide on the best ways of how to do just that!

Go for a ‘family’ meal

If you love food then then this is the perfect way to say goodbye to your friends. Take a trip down to Liverpool One and indulge yourself for one last time. It is the perfect excuse to waste the last of your overdraft on eating out, it is a family event that you can’t miss, and often involves alcohol, so why wouldn’t you go? Let’s just hope that the emotional one in the friend group doesn’t turn into a sobbing wreck at the dinner table. Nobody wants to see that.

Take a trip to the top of the cathedral

Take all your friends for a walk to the cathedral, sit in silence at the top and take in the view of the wonderful city, for extra effect take a trip whilst the sun is setting. The view mixed with all the memories rushing back to you from the past year of mayhem and madness will have you all in puddles of tears in no time. Guaranteed.

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Ahh the view…

Drink Drink Drink

If you are using this guide as a sort of ‘bucket list’, then I am sure after all the eating and crying, you will probably want a drink. Make the most of the cheap drinks in Liverpool before its too late. Get yourself down to The Sphinx and sit outside relaxing in the sun. With pints for £1.60 every Friday you'd be silly not to! Even better, take one last trip to your favourite club, one last Raz to say farewell to your friends. It is a well known fact that there is no better way to say I love you than being sick on your friends’ shoes after drinking 10 Raz bombs!

Take a trip to the new Cat Café

Last Saturday marked the opening of the new Liverpool Cat Café on Bold Street. If you love cats then this is the perfect thing to do with your friends. The venue is currently home to 23 cats all different breeds and sizes. Entry costs start at only £1 and this price includes unlimited hot and soft drinks and as many cuddles as your hearts’ desire.

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Get down to the Cate Café on Bold Street!

Visit the beach

Make the most of the recent sunny weather and take a trip to Formby beach for some fun in the sun. A perfect idea if one of your friends has a car, but if not don’t fear; Formby is just a short trip away on the train with a day ticket only £5. It is a perfect trip to enjoy the sun and perhaps get a head start on that lovely tan!

Go for a picnic

We get it, it is the end of term, no sight of a student loan until September and you have to rush home in search for a summer job. Well this idea won’t break the bank, and it is just as good as the rest. Simply take some friends, some food and go and sit in Sefton Park on a nice sunny day – perfect! To make it even better pop down to ASDA and pick up a disposable BBQ for £2. Some cheap burgers and some bread buns – what more could you need?

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Sefton Park is the perfect place for a picnic in the sun

There are plenty of things you can do with your friends before you leave. Whatever you do it will be great, it will be emotional and it will probably at some stage involve alcohol. Just remember that leaving your friends isn’t the end of the world and September will be here soon, so you can do it all over again. Unless, you are in final year that is; in which case make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand and a lot of alcohol to numb the pain of leaving uni.