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All the ways to procrastinate on campus this exam season

Apart from just scrolling through Facebook obvs

Your exam is three days away, you've read about a quarter of your required reading for your Shakespeare module, there's no way you can stare at Othello for another second. Although the trek back to Smithdown and your comfy bed is too tempting, you'll feel 1% better about avoiding responsibilities if you're in uni grounds, right?

Play hide and seek in the SJ

With four different floors and many staircases between this maze, grab a friend and kill some time by finding the perfect spot so they can't find and remind you that neither of you are gonna get that 2:1 you desire. Nestle in between the archives in Grove Wing, and annoy everyone in the silent area as you giggle (then cry) to yourself about how much of a mess your life has become.

Take the perfect Instagram shot

Your Insta game is weak now you don't have multiple shots from Lost and Quids In to rely on, so liven up your feed with an aesthetic shot you're bound to get loads of likes on. Find out what time sunset is, then take an edgy snap of the colourful skies by the cathedral, adding a witty caption about how shit exam season is, because you're just soooo #relatable.

Repent your sins

On the topic of cathedrals, now is the perfect time to take a break from studying God to beg for his forgiveness; for you have sinned by valuing Juicy over those important 9am seminars on a Wednesday.

Drink your sorrows away

The easiest way to forget how much of a burden uni work is, especially when there's so much choice near campus, from £2 cocktails at The Font, cold ones at Hope & Anchor and classier choices at Frederik's and The Refinery, so you really don't have far to travel when you're stumbling back to the Sydney Jones.

It's what Ian would have wanted

Visit unexplored territory

When you're only familiar with Central Teaching Hub, you may wonder what lays beyond in our grounds; what actually do they teach inside the Victoria building? Will walking up the stairs in 19-23 Abercromby Square be enough cardio to burn off the comfort food you've been gorging? Shame you can't go inside the infamous Cypress Building anymore to add to your explorations.

Scope out the coolest graffiti

Another one that could fit in on the 'Gram, the toilets of UoL have wise words that put even the coolest bars and eateries in town to shame. There's nothing quite as motivating as some randomer's remarks whilst you're having a piss, urging you to get your act together.

Revising and releasing sexual frustration

Invade first year accommodation

No, this is not suggesting you break into innocent people's flats. But if you spent your first year in Carnatic or Greenbank, you may not know that Crown Place reception is home to a ping-pong, pool tables and FIFA. I mean, kicking hungover freshers off from them isn't that bad. It's what they deserve for only having to get 40%.

Visit the museums on campus

Forget the World Museum and Tate Liverpool, UoL has the Victoria Gallery and Garstang Museum on the doorstep of our two libraries. An insight into archaeology may not be what you really need when you don't even know about your own degree, but at least you can pretend to be cultured for a few minutes of your time as a student.

There's more to this building than red bricks

Go to the Starbucks in The Guild

Since the queue is so long, you'll mind will be numbed so much that you have a real excuse as to why you can't focus on those architecture drawings.

Chill out in Abercromby Square

Like you didn't do that already? The moment the temperature exceeds 12°c , we know everyone flocks here, armed with their meal deals and maybe even a cheeky bevvy they bought from South Campus Tesco. The British stereotype lives in all of us.


Just go to sleep

May as well accept that you're really not set to do all-nighters, so kick back, relax, and anger everyone in the Harold Cohen for hogging a computer.