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All the things you need to do around Liverpool when you’re bored at the weekend

No more wondering what Crosby is like

Coming to University in a big city is fab, there are so many positives: making mates, going out and having freedom from home. With most courses being Monday to Friday, and a mad mix of hours, you might find yourself a bit bored every now and then. Liverpool is filled with tons of amazing things to do, depending on what you're into, as there's always something to do in your free time.


Liverpool boasts so many amazing museums, in and around the city and most have free, yes free, entry. The World Museum Liverpool is jam-packed with artefacts from all over the world, past and present. If you're into space, Egypt or even bugs, The World Museum is definitely worth a visit.

The Maritime Museum, in the Albert Dock, shows Liverpool's heavy maritime involvement, with displays on the Titanic and Liverpool's connections to the Slave trade.

The docks aren't just for Revs

If you feel you want to get a better knowledge of your new city, Museum of Liverpool also in the Albert Dock is the one. The museum shows Liverpool life over decades of time and shows its development into the city it is today, as we have more to us than quadvods and Nabzy's.

Art galleries

Why not get your art on and head down to some of the best galleries in the city. The Tate Liverpool is an amazing place filled with a huge collection of art, mainly modern. The Tate has frequent displays of renowned work, most recently, pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

The Walker Art Gallery is home to a massive collection of art. From Roman Statues to Grand Oil painting and many more. The Walker is so worth a visit and will not disappoint. Liverpool has many smaller galleries around the cities that showcase a mix of different styles of art that will suit everybody.

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Finally being cultured


Religious or not, Liverpool's Cathedral are out of this world. You can't miss them and can see them wherever you are in the city, literally. Starting with the Liverpool Cathedral (the brown one), it really is one of a kind and worth a visit. You can even climb to steps to the top of the tower and look out over Liverpool, so worth the 500 steps.

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Look at that view though!!

The next is the Metropolitan one, right by the Guild. Where else can you find a church in the shape of a wigwam?? Why not give Level a miss and get down there one Sunday morning. Its also been home to loads of cool gigs, recently the Cream Classics with Pete Tong and The BBC Heritage orchestra. Definitely one to keep an eye out on.

Outside the city

Surprisingly, there is more to Liverpool than just the city centre itself. It's surrounded by so many fab places that are only a train or bus ride away.

Don't forget that Liverpool is on the coast so that means beaches, and a lot of them. Liverpool's coastline stretches for miles and miles. Crosby Beach is home to Antony Gormley's "Another Place". A collection of iron men are dotted along the beach, it's such a cool sight that's definitely worth a visit.


We've all heard of the Squirrel Park, right? Well if not, it's time to get yourself down to Formby beach for a Mr Whippy and some squirrel spotting. Only two minutes from Freshfield Station on the Merseyrail line, you can spend hours amongst the trees or go for a walk along the sand, before you inevitably get rained on.

Ready for your next Insta post

If you're going to be calling Smithdown home soon, then you'll be lucky enough to have Sefton Park on your doorstep. This massive green space makes you feel a million miles away from the city and is bloody beautiful. When there, why not go and have a peek at the Palm House – the boujeest greenhouse EVER.

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Sefton strolling

So when you're sat in your lecture thinking wtf am I gonna do this weekend, maybe have a gander around some of these cool places in Liv. There's more to Saturday and Sunday than Concert Square (and being hungover) yenno!