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We want you to submit your ‘Dear Housemate’ anonymous confessions

It’s time to get those secrets off your chest

So the end of another academic year is nigh, so whether you're ditching your Crown Place flatmates after a pain-inducing freshers, waving bye-bye to your second year pests (and we're not chatting the rats in your Smithdown house) or graduating from uni altogether, it's your chance to confess to those niggles and rants that have been bottled up inside.

The Tab Liverpool are looking for the juiciest admissions, so we expect more than just finding out you're the crafty cheese robber. We will collate the best submissions in an article next week.

We like you better when you're watching Netflix without us

Were you the one that shagged on the kitchen table? Or are you simply tired of your roomie pretending they're a 'gym lad' when they couldn't even open your jar of mayonnaise?

Whether you want to remain totally incognito or use this as the platform for your biggest indirect ever, you can submit your responses here.