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Police arrive on campus after laptop theft in the SJ

Be alert and watch your items!

An alleged incident of theft occurring today in the SJ sees Police called to campus. The university has tweeted advising all students to be vigilant and ensure they keep items by their sides at all times.

The Police arrived on campus at around midday, when it became apparent the incident had occurred. With the prompt arrival of the officers causing much concern and panic amongst students in the library.

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The incident has seen students leave comical but serious notes on their desks

It has become second nature for most of us to simply pop to the Tesco by Vine Court or even KFC and leave all of your life possessions unattended in the library. However, it is important that we do not give thieves an opportunity to strike and we take our important belongings with us, the inconvenience of packing our stuff up sounds a lot nicer than losing our beloved Mac – doesn't it?

It is not known yet if this is a single incident or if multiple thefts have occurred; either way it is important to be cautious.