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Which Liverpool takeaway are you, according to where you live at uni

Not everyone can be Krunchy Fried Chicken

After discovering your favourite Liverpool takeaway, it's time to go one step further and find out which post-night out scran represents where you're living right now.

Crown Place – Nabzy's

The real crowning glory of city centre takeaways, Nabzy's is usually everyone's first choice, alike when everyone placed Crown as their number one option. However, it's also the place to eat when you're just following the crowd, alike how these residents try to pretend they're as cool as their off-campus mates even though they literally opted to live alone in a studio.

Looks like a Vine night-out tbh

Vine Court – McDonald's

The posh kids on campus couldn't imagine going to anywhere that may have less than a four-star hygiene rating. Vine residents like to know what they're getting, reminding their drunken selves that the burgers contain 100% British beef. There's no point in expecting them to venture beyond the famous chain when they still haven't even looked past Level.

Philharmonic Court – Shiraz Kebab House

Just a stone's throw away from Phil lies this reasonable but also forgotten about takeaway. The fact these students are hiding behind the actual Philharmonic is like how Shiraz hides away from the big boys at the bottom of the hill, like Nabzy's and Hot n Tender.

The hero we didn't know we needed

Melville Grove – Krunchy Fried Chicken

Melville might seem a rip-off of Crown Place, similar to how Krunchy Fried Chicken may be a rip-off of a famous Kentucky-based chain; however once we get to discover a little more (probs because of a wild pres before Heebies), it's actually a pretty decent choice.

Carnatic – Harper's

There are some places that are typically not trusted to start with. We're apprehensive of whether Harper's is only good due to it's location, and even more apprehensive when we're being forced to live in Carnatic. However we soon realised both are the hub of the party, either between favourites like Baa Bar and The Shipping Forecast, or just well away from town. Now, we wouldn't look back as we're eating our margheritas on the bus back to Rankin Hall. Let's just hope this takeaway doesn't end up closing down like Carnatic.

This place glowed tf up, like Greenbank

Greenbank – Hot n Tender

Shock waves were present when Hot n Tender closed down – only to reopen looking swankier than ever, just like Greenbank reinventing itself as somewhere that's actually pleasant to live.

Private halls – Domino's

Rejecting Carnatic to live in Great Newton or Capital Gate is like how you reject classic Liverpool takeaways for a Domino's (conveniently round the corner) after your sesh – that probs just ended at midnight.

What true love looks like

Smithdown – Chester's

We're all fully aware that Chester's isn't the most hygienic takeaway to opt for – a bit like the 'luxury' houses we chose in Liverpool's main student area. However both of these represent the true student experience of not knowing when our next illness is around the corner, whether it's from theirs or our own chicken.

Kensington – Pizza Pronto

You chose to spend your second and third year in Kenny because of the proximity to campus, similar to Pizza Pronto's closeness to Concert Square, however if you just ventured further, you'd realise what you're missing out on, whether it be Gemini or The Brookhouse.

All of us agree food is required after all those Razbombs

Georgian Quarter – Mamos

Again valuing a short distance to campus or clubs, but just a fancier counterpart to Pizza Pronto. Well, you're gonna be able to afford a restaurant quality Mamos pizza if you can afford the rent in the Georgian Quarter.

Toxteth – Chicken Bazooka

You just wanna die, don't you?