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Carnatic Student Village to close after June 2019

The freshers of September 2019 won’t know what they are missing

The University has confirmed the decision to close the Carnatic Student Village after June 2019 as part of a long-term residential strategy.

Several years ago the University gave a commitment that Carnatic Student Village would continue to operate until at least June 2019, which is being honoured.

Current residents living at Carnatic Student Village, and students planning to live there in the next academic year, will not be affected by the work.

The strategy began in 2010 with the opening of Vine Court, followed by Crown Place in 2014, and Greenbank Student Village last year. The strategy is to continue in September 2019 with the final phase of accommodation at Greenbank.

Lee Rawlinson, Head of Accommodation, commented on the update, saying:

“Carnatic has welcomed thousands of students to the University over the years and will no doubt hold special memories for many.

“Although we know that, on the whole, students enjoy their experience at Carnatic Student Village, increasingly we find that prospective students have a preference for other types of university accommodation.”

Liverpool Guild of Students also tweeted about the news:

Carnatic is set in its own grounds in Mossley Hill consisting of five residences: Salisbury Hall, Morton House, Lady Mountford, McNair Hall, and Rankin Hall. The village is home to around 1100 first year undergraduates.