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All the things you remember from being a fresher in Liverpool

The days when wearing your lanyard around your neck on out a night out was pretty much the norm

Whether you're a second year, third year or you've graduated, you'll always remember your fresher days at the University Liverpool. From spending your first night out in Liverpool at Krazyhouse, raving on the 699 into town or wearing your lanyards around your neck 24 hours a day, you did it all!

Firstly, you'd joined lots of group chats from the generic "Uni of Liverpool" chat to the accommodation chats, chatting to people and organising nights out, cinema nights and shopping trips. You'd find out all the gossip before you'd even got there, including all the lovely details about people's sex lives, even though these were people you'd never even met! You'd formed a unique bond and hoped you'd be best mates. The reality is once you'd moved in and met all your flat mates, all those people were completely forgotten whilst you headed down into the city to see what Liverpool had on offer.

So you'd found your flat mates and you'd all bought a wristband, not realising that this was going to be the biggest mistake of your life. You spent 20/30 quid on a wristband that got you into Krazyhouse, one of the worst clubs in Liverpool. But there you were, all dressed up and excited to see what the night held. Only you turned up and found that it was pretty much dead and the candyfloss and five star entertainment they'd promised was pretty much non-existent. All that money wasted when it could've been spent elsewhere.

You probably will remember wearing your accommodation lanyard 24/7. There'd been several warnings about locking yourself out, what better place to put it than around your neck where you can't lose it? Result. So there you were all dressed up, heading into town, with your lovely blue crown place lanyard around your neck. Don't worry, it will pass as a necklace, right?

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Bringing home a traffic cone? Standard freshers behaviour

The 699 bus journeys into town were an experience of their own. You were jealous of pretty much everyone who lived in Vine Court or Crown Place and had the luxury of a short walk and ensuite bathroom as you were stuck in Carnatic, but you realised they were the ones missing out. After getting the 699 bus to town for the first time, you'd made so many friends after getting absolutely hammered and finding yourself singing "Come on Eileen" with a group of people you'd never met before. All part of the uni experience, right?

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The good old 699!

You had to tackle the Liverpool way of life which could be very confusing at times. You'd be absolutely flabbergasted to find that up here they call it a "barm cake" and not a roll or a cob which you were used to saying back at home and why Scousers seemed to add the word "like" after every single word. You'd stand and stare, why on earth all the women strolled around Liverpool city centre on a Saturday afternoon with rollers in their hair? Weird right? You weren't used to this way of life back home but you'd get used to it and find yourself using the Scouse lingo within a few months of being in Liverpool.

Your nights out in freshers would come to an end in Nabzy's or Krunchy Fried chicken, where you discovered the wonder that is red salted chips. Where you come from back home, you'd be lucky if you could get a decent kebab or greasy pizza after a night out, but after discovering red salted chips on your first nights out in Liverpool, you've never looked back and it was pretty much your go-to food after a long Saturday night out in Level.

You'll never forget your freshers experience in Liverpool. Wearing your lanyards round your neck like a fashion statement and singing along to cheesy music in Krazyhouse was an experience like no other, and one you will always remember.