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Every reason why it is acceptable to start acting like it is summer in Liverpool

Come on, get your legs out for the lads and lasses

The end is near, with three weeks left of the semester we begin to look forward (past exams) to blissful summer and how excited we are to feel that sweet sun beam down on our shoulders.

Well, you know what. Your summer can start right now if you want it to, you don't need to wait until it is deemed "acceptable", it is always acceptable. Over the next week Liverpool is expected to see highs of 19 degrees, so why not put the hefty grey coat away and get out a lovely flowery frock. Not persuaded yet? Maybe some of these reasons will help you change your mind.

More chances to do fun stuff

Dress for summer, and bring the fun with it. Rather than trying to attend the last three lectures of a module that you haven't been to yet, just accept fate and get the shorts out and go for a sunny stroll around Sefton Park – it is true that the best way to experience Sefton Park is wearing shorts and shades. Or even better sit outside the Brookhouse hugging a pint. Summer is the ultimate excuse for avoiding any uni work, so why would we not start using it now?

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Sefton Park > your 9am that you weren't going to go to anyway

Show off that summer bod

It is well known that from the period of November-May people constantly make reference to creating their perfect envisioned summer bod. It is our aim for the year, our motivation to go to the gym when all we want to do is sit in bed and watch TV. Why delay in showing it off then? The sun is coming out so get your lovely summer bod off too, I am sure the cute boy in the SJ will thank you for it too.

It makes you happier

Good weather is always the perfect mood lifter, as soon as you wake up and see the sun shinning through your blinds you can sigh with relief as you know that it is going to be a good day. Summer is only around the corner so why not start dressing for it, it will make you happier, no one feels good leaving the house wearing five layers. It weighs down your body and mood. So in some ways this is really medical advice as it will improve your health, treat it like a doctors order. Get the bright colours out, get some patterns on and get rid of boring winter clothes.

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Say goodbye to dull clothes, bring a bit of colour to your life!

Enjoy the last few weeks with your friends

Once again, we are drawing close to the end of the year soon we will be emotionally waving our friends off again once more. You might not get to see them until September, so make the most of the time that you have got left with them. Get out the library and get sunbathing in Abercrombie Square. You can spend some quality time with your friends whilst you get your tan started for the months ahead.

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Be a leader not a follower

Give it about a month, and everyone across uni will be dressing and acting like it is summer. Be the cool one, and instead of waiting a month until everyone else is doing the same thing and dressing the same way get ahead now and start acting like it is summer. Be the leader in your friend group, the one who revolutionises and decides that summer can infact begin in Mid-April. It is all about being creative!