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Vote now: Which Liverpool student estate agent is the worst?

We have heard some bad bad stories and we know who you are

In first year, nine times out of ten you will be be living in halls, and most your time will be spent arguing amongst your friends over which halls are better; Crown or Carnatic? You have 24 hour security, on call maintenance and even cleaning if you are lucky! However, second year you will mostly move into a house with your nearest and dearest friends. This tends to be when the issues start to occur, and trust me we have have heard some shocker stories.

Callum, second year, Economics said:

"We moved in early September, our house had just been totally revamped, we didn't even view the house before moving in as it was just a building site. Moving in, it came apparent that there was no WIFI installed, which was confusing as WIFI was included within the rent. Ringing up the estate agent they told us that they would be installing it soon, but never gave us specific dates. We quickly began to get stressed as the start of term came close and still no sign of WIFI. They told us to buy a cheap dongle and they would pay us back whatever the charge came to but continued to insist the WIFI would be installed very soon. It was about a month and a half until we finally had functioning WIFI and it regularly breaks now. To make matters worse I invested over £300 in continuously topping up the dongle, and have not seen a single penny."

Living in Kenny is only made worse by dodgy landlords

Sam, second year, Geography said:

"The problem with our estate agents is that they love to make impromptu visits, often emailing to say that they will attend the property on the same day, giving us no notice at all, and half the time they don't even tell us why they are visiting the house. They also keep sending us emails telling us that we have gone over the gas and electric allowance, but when we ask to see the bills they won't show us?"

Estate agents: they really stress us out

The two main living areas in Liverpool are Smithdown and Kensington, with people only living in Everton if they really have a death wish, and prefer to live life on the edge. We have heard a lot of stories across both places, some even impacting on student health.

Jade, second year, English Literature said:

"Since moving in we have just had continuous problems with the agents; ones that are not being resolved, we had a leak over a plug socket which is really unsafe, yet hasn't been sorted. Our freezer has been broken since day one, our hoover doesn't work also, we only recently got a washing machine and we have a serious damp problem especially in the bathroom which has caused my housemates to become ill. We question ourselves on a daily basis why we live here and why we pay £90 a week for such poor accommodation".

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Alice, second year, History and Politics said:

"Over the course of the year our estate agents have just became really slack, letting important issues dwell. We have had a serious mice problem since moving in. When I moved into my room I checked my mattress and there was loads of mice piss and shit on it that had sunk in and ruined the mattress. They were really good with it then, but since it is an ongoing issue and we still keep getting mice they have stopped doing anything. We only found out the other day that they have burrowed into the sofas, it is really disgusting and unhygienic, pest control have only came out once in the past 4 months, fair to say we are quite unhappy in the house."

Houses don't tend to be as 'glamorous' as halls, we don't expect them to be. However, what we do expect is estate agents to stick to their side of the deal and do their jobs properly, have your say below and vote for the worst student estate agent in Liverpool.