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How to relive your Crown Place days even though you’re living in Smithdown

Those were the best days of our lives

Although most of us are grateful that this period of our lives has come to an end, as there are now less awkward flatmate encounters and we can't quite hack the sesh the same way, we still can't help but miss certain aspects of our on-campus halls life. Smithdown doesn't have to be that far from Crown life though, we're only two miles down the road after all.

Choose the bedroom with the most garish wall

Why would anyone want a whitewashed wall that matches all your belongings when you can have an eyesore wall that gives people a headache when they see your selfies? Head on down to Wilko, find the most gaudy purple or yellow, and paint your bedroom a colour that'll blind your friends and family on FaceTime. I mean, deposits are meant to not be returned, right?

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Walls brighter than your future

Treat your shared bathroom like an en-suite

After feeling like royalty in Crown, you shouldn't have to settle for anything less than jewel standard – even if that means hogging the bathroom and ensuring your toiletries are never in one place. Another housemate got a 9am? Sorry Michael, you'll just have to wait for me to view all of last night's Snapchat stories whilst on the toilet.

Put that heating on real high

Student houses are known to feel like the Arctic, but when you're used to sleeping like you're on a tropical island a couple of blankets and a dressing gown are never gonna feel enough. It may be another way to ensure your landlord and sweat glands are unimpressed, but it's all part of the authentic experience.

That dressing gown isn't very Crown

Spend your entire time smoking outside

It's never gonna quite live up to when the smoking shelter was the hub of the party, as now you only have Jenny that doesn't touch cigarettes and Jordan who just won't stop complaining that he needs to get on with his dissertation *sigh*.

Constantly lock yourself out your room

"Omg sorry guys, I must've lost my keys in Heebies again" might not be as amusing to your roomie at 4am than it was to the receptionists. At least you don't have to sign a form this time.

Where the house keys were dropped, RIP

Keep the kitchen looking pristine

We defo took for granted when we left our communal areas looking grim after pres for The Raz, only to wake up to Karen with the mop ensuring you won't be at risk if you walk in barefoot. Maybe it's time we actually sorted the mountain of pots and pans the day after, rather than sobbing when we have to quickly wash it up before we go home for the holidays.

Stick post-it notes in the living room window

I'm sure the wholesome family across the road will certainly see the amusement in the words 'free ket' or 'dicks out for Harambe' like the opposite block to you in Crown did…

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If only our kitchens were still this perfect

Run up and down the hallway really late at night

This is especially important now we're no longer freshers that we emphasise our mad nights out by pissing everyone off that didn't join us. I mean c'mon, second year is only worth 30%. Bonus points if you also shag really loud, gotta make up for the fact the walls aren't so thin anymore.

Wash your clothes the bare minimum amount

Circuit is definitely a memory most of us would prefer to keep in first year. However, you wanna keep that carefree vibe going even though you don't have to pay £2.50 a wash? Just make sure you're turning your socks inside out until it gets beyond a joke. And hounding the Facebook group about who left their laundry in the machine is a must. Shame there's less of an audience to the Langdale chat than there was in Crown.

Sesh every night (we wish)