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A guide to every classy pre-drinks location in Liverpool for when your student loan comes in

That loans gotta be spent on something

Let's be honest, there is nothing better that pre-drinks in student halls – cheap vodka, the weirdest combination of mixers and most likely, friends who've already peaked and in are bed #lightweight. Hall pres or Smithdown pres are wonderful for your weekly night out to Concert Square, but now the loans are coming in from you can afford to treat yourself.

Iron your clothes, change things up and get looking for a classy gal or guy to pull whilst on the prowl.

Liverpool is full of some of the coolest bars to commence the night in and get rid of those student finance pennys you'll end up spending anyway, we all need a break from Aldi's vodka from time to time.

The Baltic Market

Starting off with The Baltic Market – oh my days what a place. Just outside the city centre, The Baltic is a chilled place to get your groove on with an array of bars and stalls to choose from, why not get the glamdem together for a cocktail or two? There is so much to choose from you'll be there all night.

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The Merchant

If gin's what you're after, then The Merchant is the place to be. Sunday to Thursday two gins for £5.95? HELL to the YES. Grab a goblet and have boogie the grooviest getup in the city. With themed nights most weekends and a pizza bar, what more could you want??

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Another one for the gin lovers, Leaf on Bold Street is ideal for pre-drinking in style. With its boujee decor and atmosphere, its definitely one to try. Plus it's about 2.3 seconds away from McCooleys, ready for when the bank of student finance starts to run dry.

La Finca Eivissa

Liverpool beats Ibiza any day when you're on a budget. Take the gang down to La Finca Eivissa for a taste of The Balearic Islands. With some amazing cocktails and Spanish vibes, its the perfect place to head at the start of the night. Swings for seats and cocktails? Perfect.

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Kazimier Gardens

Maybe you're wanting something a little more chilled, Kazimier Gardens is the one. Why not use these lighter nights for a round of drinks in the open plan gardens. A fab little find if you're not feeling the madness of Conny Square but game for a boogie down Seel Street.

The Cosy Club

Take yourself down to L1 and enjoy a Cherry Bakewell in The Cosy Club. This is why they give us a loan, so we can spend it on cocktails, obvs. Whether you're a Pina or a Mojito kind of person, the Cosy Club is the one.

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Liverpool is filled with a funky little place to start your nights, whether they be classy or not, why not give a few of these places a go when you and the gang have something to celebrate, or just feel like spending money you ain't got lols.