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Every mistake you’ll make as a second year in Liverpool

Halfway through the degree and still not a clue

In an ideal world, second years would be as smart as our parents make us out to be to their mates. We have our own houses, we've been cooking for over a year now and know our way around campus. But reaching our 20s doesn't mean we're truly adult, as we're constantly making mistakes we will look back on in shame.

You'll forget there's buses other than the 699

It's raining, windy and freezing, two 86s have passed and you still wait in hope that the 699 will turn up. And when it does, you have to deal with first years from Carnatic that think they're BNOCs, reminding you that you should've embraced how easy life was back then. Yeah, the other buses may stop by Philharmonic instead of the Guild but at least you'll probably find a seat and a funny local shouting about their life to the driver.

You'll arrive in the SJ too late for a seat

It's not like you can stumble out of your Vine Court bed into the library anymore. Pry yourself from your slumber with plenty of alarms and set up camp early in the day. At least the third years will be able to tell you're not a naive student only in need of 40%, so won't give you the eyes when you're bleary eyed at 9am.

Still not adapted to the climates either

You think you can still skip lectures like first year

Back in the days when we were the fresh faces at uni, skipping one lecture after a heavy one in Heebies would be simple to catch up on. Nowadays, you miss one and you feel like half the impending exam paper is alien to you. Don't let your 2:1 dream slip away so easily, 30% of the degree is more than you think.

And forget that exams actually count this year

Let's just say cramming all your revision on the Arriva to the exam hall might not be the wisest move to be made.

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Sunglasses to hide the second year exhaustion

You think you can party like you did in halls

You'll never be able to recreate the stamina you had as a teenager. One midweek night-out and you'll be nursing a hangover for days. Ten jagerbombs seemed like nothing when Level was still deemed a cool club, but now even one will have you running for a tactical chunder. You don't need to be as tame as a third year, but it's time to accept you can't hack Juicy every week now.

And be hungover in your seminar

This is when you start to remember that £9000 is a lot of dollar to waste.

Food shopping in pjs is acceptable, right?

You won't make the most of the fact you're near big shops

After watching your student loan slip away to Tesco Express last year, you vowed to get your reusable shopping bag together and do a weekly sweep of Asda or Aldi. But now you're at the further end of Smithdown, finding yourself paying over the odds for Tesco orange juice once again. You may as well have just had a Brookie lunch for the amount you just spent.

You forget your house doesn't have cleaners

What? The bins don't miraculously empty? And the pasta sauce on the floor doesn't magically disappear? This hurts tbh.

Mum please send help x

And not sort third year housing until it's too late…again

It was established in September that you couldn't stand living in Kenny or with Ed again, so you could've saved yourself from another shithole. Oh well, the potential for excessive mould and mice is all part of the student experience, ay?