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How to style your St. Paddy’s day weekend 2018

Let’s turn Concert Square into a sea of four-leafed clovers

The magical, Guinness filled day is creeping upon us, and there is lots to prepare to esure we celebrate the panache that is the Irish culture in style. From where to spend it (obviously McCooley's), to what to do (over-drink Guinness) the planning is endless, meaning you must ensure that your outfit is on fleek for an event as iconic as the 17th March.

Iconic Guinness t-shirt

What better way to show your appreciation for the Irish drinking capability than to sport it on an iconic Guiness t-shirt? Whether you start the night loving or detesting the drink, there is no doubt that 5 pints in you'll have both found your new drink and be speaking with a Dublin accent for the remainder of the evening.

Painted faces

There is never a bad time for a dash of pretty face paint, especially when it concerns the luck o'the Irish! A simple four leafed clover on your cheek signifies your supporting attitude for all the Irish folk on this special day, and means you can take matching group pics in McCooley's toilets with everyone else you find wearing the same thing.

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All the merchandise

The list of merchandise options for St. Paddy's day is endless, ranging from ginger leprechaun beards and suits, to oversized Guiness hats, there is so much to choose from. Despite resisting the attempt to go overboard, there is really never too much merch, meaning the Irish jig you do to try and win over the bouncers affection and free entry into a club, will be made ten times more interesting.

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Green, green and more green

Obviously it goes without saying the only thing holding together your St. Paddy's day get-up is the colour GREEN. Whether you want to keep it simple with a kahki or go all out electric, there is no denying that there is no better day of the year to take the colour green and put it to use at its full potential (no, not even Christmas). So don't hold back with splurging the green, even if it does meaning traipsing the streets of Liverpool feeling like a four leafed clover.

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Be as drunk as humanly possible

It doesn't really matter what you look alike, as long as you're unsteady on your feet and full of Irish spirit. Play the part and you'll blend in perfectly. If you don't own anything green, which let's be honest not all of us do, simply sing some Irish tunes and get merry.

Last but certainly not least, there is only one thing holding together your St. Patricks day style, a fresh pint of Guinness. Bar tenders all over the country are currently upping their pint pouring game as we speak, with the intention of ensuring you'll be served your Guinness in under 3 minutes of ordering it. So you can rest well assured that your outfit will be completed no doubt with a pint of the Irish charm while you step up your dancing skills and lose your voice to an inevitably overplayed Galway Girl.