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Your favourite Liverpool nights-out, ranked by their Facebook reviews

5/5 for tempting me into too many Jagerbombs

The joy of being a student in Liverpool is that you're not just restricted to one 'superclub' or a naff students union night out; Concert Square and beyond is brimming with bars that appeal to all tastes, from cheesy pop to drum and bass. However, do the Facebook reviews line up with your opinions on these nights-out? Time to discover.

Brooklyn Mixer – 4.7/5

The Raz may win in our hearts for Monday seshes, but Brooklyn Mixer wins on the ratings. The comments point towards friendly staff and bouncers, so maybe we should give them a pat on the back next time they're helping us stumble out onto Seel Street.

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Level definitely wins for celeb appearances

Level – 4.3/5

As Liverpool's 'biggest and best club' which you can apparently buy a membership for (??), their Facebook rating is notably high for a place you only visit when you're drunk or well, high. There are reviews as mediocre as the music on the third floor, with many remarks about the rudeness of the bouncers. C'mon, Scousers are meant to be nice.

Juicy – 4.3/5

Priding itself on being 'all party, no bullshit', our preferred Tuesday night boogie scores a juicy amount. One commentator complains of 'overpriced bevs' and 'don't even sell Smirnoff Ice' – seriously, we aren't 15 anymore, promise there's better drinks out there.

Is it even Juicy without an excessive amount of Red Stripes?

McCooleys – 4.3/5

We hate to love you McCooleys; what is it that just draws us back to you? Also, can we bump up their points every time they grace us with Come On Eileen please?

The Raz – 4.2/5

Also known as the Blue Angel, The Raz has achieved quite a heavenly score. The reviews certainly encapsulate the true spirit of this venue, with comments such as 'big fans of the cleanliness' and 'even the walls cry with joy', which is as amusing as when your mate suggests more Razbombs when you're already lying on the floor.

Fat frogs and fab friends

Popworld – 4.2/5

Everyone who reviewed them must've had a great time on their hen do. Good on them.

Heebie Jeebie's – 4.1/5

I'm pretty certain Heebies loses all those 0.9 points for the pain of the Quids In queue in the subarctic conditions. Facebook suggests people talk about "great live music, prosecco and cider", which is a pretty iconic trio if you ask me.

Ca Va – 4.1/5

The ultimate pre drinks spot in town scores a sweet amount, even though opinions suggest the staff aren't really that nice. Perhaps we're too drunk on tequila to even remember that.

Where would we be without you?

The Brookhouse – 4.0/5

The Brookie may annoy us as there are never any seats and Dark Fruits isn't part of Onesie Thursdays, but we'd be lost for somewhere for a quick drink in Smithdown without it. The reviews on the food may be a bit shabby, but we all know we're just here for a pint with the boys, so it doesn't affect us anyway.

Black Rabbit – 3.9/5

The shot paradise of Liverpool has fallen a bit down the rabbit hole with their rating. More bad bouncers, please don't do this guys, it's not cool.

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How to start a night in Concert Square

The Lime Kiln – 3.8/5

Whoever's the reason that Wetherspoons has the lowest rating can please remove themselves from our presence as we will forever fight on behalf of Spoons, Britain's pride and joy (sorry to the monarchy and all that).

Baa Bar – no rating

I don't think anyone is in a fit state after a night in Baa Bar to provide a reasonable comment, let's be honest.