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We asked students why Liverpool beats every other city hands down on so many levels

Say chicken again, please??

We all know someone that has gone to uni to find themselves, escape mum and dad or quite simply to get pissed every night. Whatever your reason for leaving home for your studies, all students will agree that Liverpool is the place to go. Filled with culture, fab people and great universities, what more could a student want?

We wanted to hear what those studying in the city though, as they spend each semester in and around the city. Tom Battison studies journalism at LJMU, he said; "I'm from Derby, and there is no music scene at all. Liverpool has so many music events going on, from Medication to Shit Indie, there is always a place to go."

Liverpool is a big and busy place, with things constantly happening. The city is so diverse, but is a place where any kind of student can come. Whether you study art or anthropology, medicine or media, Liverpool can offer every student a unique experience that is personal to themselves and leave them bragging to all their mates.

Adam Jackson-Wright is from a small town, just outside of Sheffield. He spoke to us about how he was "nervous" and "worried" about moving to a big city, but Liverpool has such as nice vibe he felt at home straight away.

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French and German student Rachel Evans told us: "I get really bad homesickness, but love how when am feeling down there is always something to go and do, like the museums. People are so proud of their city too, it's amazing. Londoners hate London."

Granted, not all students are the same. Some may need security and lead a quiet life within their halls, others may enjoy a pint at The Caledonia and a lot love to hit Heebies on a Thursday night.

Emily Jones, 20, Sports and Exercise student said: "My degree is so sport oriented, clue in the name, so having the football stadiums so near, I have access to amazing placements."

The beauty of Liverpool is you can do whatever you like, the list of things to do is endless. Liverpool has a vast amount of nightlife, sports, arts and music events available to all students. Whether it's going to the Walker Art Gallery, seeing Sundara Karma at The Arts Club, halloumi fries at The Baltic Market or watching Liverpool vs Everton at Anfield, there is always a reason to miss your lecture.

Emily Kyle studies Nautical science at LJMU, she told us: "I live in Liverpool, so I love it already. Now am a student, my eyes have been opened to so much more, that I didn't already know about. Especially the access to the docks and maritime training centre."

Alyce Johnstone, 19, Journalism student said: "What isn't there to love, the city is full of life and stuff to do, I was so nervous to come to a new city but I would recommend it to anyone, I feel so at home."

So there you have it, true and honest opinions on why to study in Liverpool. Your mates in Manchester or Newcastle may tell you that their city is better but the fact remains that Liverpool is the best, end of. Whether you chose LJMU or UoL (Hope who??), you're in for a belta three years in a groovy city with some amazing people.