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Everything you should NOT do on St Paddy’s Day in Liverpool

You’ve got to get the biggest sesh of the year right

There's plenty of undeniable things Liverpool always do well in: The Beatles memorabilia, cute restaurants offering the best food and of course, St Patrick's Day every year. With a night-out guaranteed to be as fun as if you were actually in Ireland, it's easy to make it a party to remember (and probably forget too).

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Face paint is basically a must

Book your tickets home for that day

With the University of Liverpool breaking up on the 16th March, it's tempting to want to get back to your warm bedroom and dog as soon as. However hold your horses, as your digs in Derbyshire are never gonna quite live up to the excitement that'll unfold in Concert Square. Just accept that you'll have to be hanging on the Sunday train instead.

Pretend that you're Irish

With the amount of actual Irish people who are students here or just reside in Liverpool anyway, using the fact you're a 1/16th Irish ain't gonna cut it; your Cornish accent is giving the game away for you.

Or that you like Guinness

Let's be honest, unless you're a 60 year old bloke or have already had your tastebuds weakened from the amount of shite alcohol you've consumed in your life, nobody actually likes one of Ireland's most famous exports. Yeah you can pose with a pint for your next Instagram post, but we recommend you stick with your usual gin and lemonades after that.

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Let's be honest, most of us won't be looking this good on the day

Not line your stomach for the day ahead

A rookie mistake for those celebrating here for the first time, or just for anyone who thinks they're somehow harder than alcohol. The Sphinx will be offering their usual Irish breakfast and a pint, providing you the carbs to prepare yourself for the mad time ahead.

Start your sesh at the usual student time

The joy of this year's celebration is that it falls on a Saturday, therefore lectures cannot be an excuse; day drinking is 100% encouraged on this occasion, so scurry on down to your nearest Spoons or one of the many pubs the city centre has to offer, and make sure you're steaming before midday has even passed.

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Not the first, and definitely not the last bev

Think McCooleys is the only place that'll be worth it

Yes, this Concert Square favourite is always a safe bet, especially now there's a second venue on the other side of town, but we can't forget Liverpool is a hub of other entertaining Irish bars, and even the places we wouldn't typically associate with St Patrick's will be lit, as Heebies is good any day of the week, right?

Make plans for Sunday

Unless the plan is to stumble down to McDonald's and order all the cheeseburgers your body will allow, let's accept that we're not gonna do anything more productive. St Paddy's is never a casual night out consisting of one or two drinks; it's inevitable your mates (and even the locals) will be egging you on to go way further than that.

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You know you've gotta be the 'licking inflatables' level of drunk

Take yourself too seriously

You may currently be thinking you're now above donning fancy dress on a night-out, or that green definitely isn't your colour, but this needs to get to the furthest part of your mind now. Just enjoy yourself – you won't be having this much fun when exam season comes around.