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Vote now: We rated every single venue that LOST has ventured to

Don’t lie we all want it to return to The Cellar

It is not 'Tuesday', it is 'Lost Day'.

Wouldn't it be weird if Quid's in or Juicy decided to move venues every week? Yet, we never seem to question why Lost seems to move around Liverpool so much. From The Cellar to Invisible Wind Factory it keeps hopping over to new and exciting places; however, the question is what do we think of these venues?

The Cellar

Previously known as the home of Lost. The Cellar, was grotty, dirty and unimaginably hot; it was commonly known as a 'sweatbox', yet it still captured people's hearts? Mostly because of the £1 entry, the blinding lasers and the two minute walk from Crown Place. Sadly, The Cellar is no longer in use, allegedly due to health and safety issues of having no ventilation. Will Lost ever return to home, or has it became too big for its boots?

Overall rating: 7/10

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Camp & Furnace

After returning after a long summer it seemed like Lost had found a new home in Camp & Furnace; throwing parties such as the 'Freshers Festival' and 'Lost in Space', things were looking good, the venue was good, the music was good and the only thing letting it down was that awful one-way system that took you all the way outside and back in to simply move rooms. That was until, Halloween happened of course; it was hyped to be the party of the year. It ended up being a downfall that put Lost's future under question, could it claw it's way back up?

Overall rating: 7/10

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Lost had previously thrown a couple of parties at Underground last year. After the Camp & Furnace disaster, Lost seemed to crawl back to Underground with open arms, and it has stuck, hosting the 2017 New Year's Eve party and now weekly parties. It is a good solid venue, that is not too big and not too small. It may not be as close to campus as The Cellar but I think the short taxi ride is a good price to pay for the ability to breathe.

Overall rating: 8/10

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Lost threw a couple of special edition day parties here last spring including 'Club Tropicana' and 'La Fiesta', the venue is near Camp and Furnace in the Baltic Triangle, although it is a little bit smaller the parties went down a storm, with one of my friends saying "Tropicana was me life".

Overall rating: 7/10

Invisible Wind Factory

Recently Lost appears to be stepping up it's game again throwing some of its bigger parties at Invisible Wind Factory being the venue for its third birthday last month and 'Lost at the Carnival' on the 13th. This is potentially my favourite venue with the spinning sign in the middle of the room and the outside toilets, it really makes for something different and new. The only downfall is that it is literally, in the middle of no where, it costs £12 to get there in a taxi from Greenbank, and as soon as you get out the taxi you are hit with a 80mph wind.

Overall rating: 6/10 (the location lets it down)

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At least it had a fun car

Arts Club

Returning after the new year Lost migrated over to Arts Club on Seel Street, personally this is not my favourite venue the steps in the main room make it feel like you are at a concert rather than on a night out, and the venue is rather is rather grotty, but at least it is still Lost. Although, after the cancelled party in late February, it may mean that Lost has once again parted ways with a venue.

Overall rating: 4/10

It is without a doubt that over the past year or so Lost has thrown some big parties throughout Liverpool, but it has also thrown some smaller parties in venues like The Magnet and Kitchen Street – although in Kitchen Street they did turn the lights on half an hour before the end and nobody looked pretty. No matter wherever Lost moves in the future, we all miss the days of the Cellar and wish it would come home.