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If you don’t own these items, are you even a Liverpool student?

Bet you’re reading this on your swanky new MacBook

Liverpool most definitely has its quirks, from the penchant for red salt chips and three VKs mixed together, to religiously going to only one pub on Smithdown (you know where I mean). It's certainly important therefore to look after keepsake items, to prove to your mates in Manchester and beyond that we're cooler than they want to believe.

A Raz cap

Bonus points if you wear it beyond Monday night or if you've got a collection of multiple colours. That's the dedication Liverpool students should have to our favourite shitclub.

And sesh shoes to match

If you still wear your fresh white Adidas trainers or worse still, a pair of heels on a student night in the city then you may as well just go home before the night's even begun.

Forget Nike or Ralph Lauren, this is the cap you really need

A collection of Baa Bar cups

Another one of the places Liverpool students have a secret affinity for, whether it's the absolute mess that is the top floor or their plastic cups ready to be pinched. They're a staple for your next pres, as the fancy wine glasses your nan bought are never gonna withstand ring of fire.

And their freshers fair tee too

The infamous slob top for the infamous Baa Bar hangover.

For the love of god, don't wear the t-shirt out though

Alongside the wall calendar from Cool It and a stolen night-out poster

Thank you to the 2017-18 academic planner for reminding us of the day of the week and that Houswrk in Loco is apparently a thing? And congrats for stealing a Shit Indie poster, shame you only know two songs by Arctic Monkeys.

A pack of Arriva playing cards and a million MyTickets

One of the most notorious companies in Liverpool, we can't quite understand why we have all this inadvertent memorabilia from them. Nonetheless, at least it helps with drinking games and when we just need a cheap Big Mac and fries.

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This'll look well good in our Crown Place kitchen

A wavy jacket and rave shades

Gotta fit in at your next outing at Invisible Wind Factory. Being basic to be edgy is a quintessential Liverpool trait.

Fancy dress outfits you regretfully bought for AU

Can someone PLEASE give me the opportunity to wear these elephant ears or police officer outfit I spent a fortune on in Smiffys again? Maybe now the event isn't even in the guild anymore we'll be discouraged from the fancy dress until next Halloween.

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Are we cool enough for Constellations yet?

A tapestry/picture wall/fairy lights

Another basic trend that we're lapping up, Smithdown must be made up of 90% anecdotes from gap yahs and 'vintage' items that were really just bought from Amazon and Urban Outfitters. It also doesn't matter that your photos are of friends from sixth form you barely communicate with now, since it covers all the mould you wanna disguise from your landlord.

Textbooks that were deemed 'essential' for your course

Go ahead and thank your lecturer for the £50 you wasted on language textbooks despite you knowing you were gonna be committing to literature from next year anyway.

And a MacBook that was a totally necessary splurge

£1000 to be able to go on iMessage from behind a laptop screen in seminars? Yes please. Oh, and throw in a marble case as well.

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A picture of the Victoria Building

Make sure this image is backed up on your devices, so you can remind everyone in the future that LIVERPOOL IS A RED BRICK UNIVERSITY (say it louder for the people at the back).